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  1. RD and Premiumize is whole different level its something like once you get it you cant live without it , its superfast and not only pirate link what u thinking you get everything with it . Premium download, Cloud storage , usenet feature , fastest streaming on any device and almost any content you wanna see 4KHDR quality or highest bitrate quality of private trackers . Without it i feel my Nvidia shield is just useless .
  2. Real debrid only for ZIONTV its premium downloader and give you access to premium streaming links .
  3. yes i noticed too .. although i have both . But i think most 4k content is in RD
  4. After using THOPTV and ZIONTV with Real debrid life is so easy and enjoyable ; no more worry of 4K HDR contents xD ; i cant stay single day without RD <3
  5. No more waste of money .. welcome Uplay+ <3
  6. But sad thing no release date it could come 5 years later like cyberpunk lol
  7. So much expectation of Sony :/ although i am so crazy for GOT but still so little show really ..
  8. Its very nice service and i am using it , only bad thing i feel limited to 720p :/
  9. I am pretty confused which to choose , Oculus or Vive Pro . Now this Samsung .. any thoughts and suggestions guys ? Also sorry for noob question but can i play VR supported PC games with these Oculus / Vive or just have to use with consoles .
  10. Mass effect andromeda on Sale guys , Just grabbed one https://store.playstation.com/en-in/product/EP0006-CUSA02491_00-ME4RECRUITSTNDRD?emcid=EAFranchise2017
  11. you can use any credit card or Debit card to pay in newegg India .
  12. i bought my EVGA 1080TI FTW in Dot price of 51750 INR , it was my best experience with newegg No duty paid , as its paid by newegg and shipment came to me on time by FEDEX . Also as EVGA provide international warranty so purchased 10 years warranty of it
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