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  1. So you mean if i buy PS4 version and then download PS5 upgraded version digitally then i must have to start the PS5 version in my system to have all the upgraded features right ?
  2. Hello guys , probably a stupid topic to ask but i am wondering what's the benefit buying PS5 version of Disc than buying PS4 with free PS5 upgrade disc as i see price different quite much for almost every games ? I mean do that make any difference of ingame framerate or graphics quality something ?
  3. Congratulations bro, as i told do not blink from amazon cart lol. Enjoy the next level gaming ❤️ Btw today i got myself one to cart without bot asap i got notification from popular twitter bot in india. I saw ps5 on my cart about 3 mins too.
  4. I cant thank @Bluebolt05 him enough , not only his help and also wise mentality . I didn't expected such success on first go and I am also shocked that guy didn't do it for money although the original WTB thread i opened for small commission for anyone who helps me to get ps5 ; this type of mentality rare now a days <3
  5. we seriously need the Feedbacks back man ... how do we know we dealing with past experienced members who traded positive recently in trade section if all have zero feedbacks :/ Please do something about this . It would be good if we can get back . @HundredProofSam
  6. fk 50k for Digital unit damn, someone offered me 65k for IND preordered DISC unit in Kolkata hand to hand deal .. Its same offer looks like lol ... nah not that much desperate for this sh*t .
  7. same question ... what happened to our hard earned feedbacks :/ i am seeing everyone's as ZERO .
  8. yes always that site down whenever sales go up .. I only saw Shopasc at least gave chance to go to cart and final payment options to get disappointed again and again and all other sites stocks i never saw available . Last sale i clicked the twitter bot link for amazon and saw its in stock but cant add to cart . This was first time i saw available at least on amazon since day 1 :/ but in the end result as expected disappointed again .
  9. Those bloody celebrities still getting from gametheshop and bragging on twitter ffs , and when sale coming gametheshop site itself always down for non botters
  10. i need help .. of course for PS5 . i am loosing hope now :/
  11. if u wanna try 45 min left to enter the lottery for xbox series x https://www.newegg.com/product-shuffle go here and try ur lucky daily :3
  12. yes Newegg india . If you get lucky in this lottery the items will be added to your newegg cart automatically and have 3 hours time for you to purchase before bail out . I see this is only fair try instead of these site which stocks eaten by Bots of scalpers . At least in this its pure lottery system for luck by newegg
  13. i guess i will try with newegg shuffles my luck its better than these stupid botted tries https://www.newegg.com/product-shuffle
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