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  1. Guys any suggestion for a printer model ? Need only monochrome About 50-60 pages daily , no need for scanner Max - 15k
  2. Nope , I got my recent refund after 1 month . That too payed via CC Previously it was like 2-3 days . These days I just load money on wallet and then pay, removes the headache
  3. This cant be done online I have asked them too Branch visit is must
  4. Write a letter to the branch manager saying the needful , my bank had a pre filled form to fill up Attach Pan and other address proof with signature They will reactivate your account within 2 business days My Axis was dormant since 2013 reactivated last month only
  5. HotSonix

    Project 007

    Back when bond games had original actors voice overs and kick a*s intro music
  6. Game is just trash , side quest are same consisting the same missions , story looses its track , maps area are cut off unless you level up . Was playing ezio trilogy , no idea how we went from there to this garbage
  7. Its not a movie , 2nd controls are dated now after 10 years . Lastly we all know how majority remasters turn out to be its a min effort cash grab
  8. Wished they had made a remake for next gen instead of remaster
  9. Yep wtf lol , no there was no discount for me thats why I didnt place the order On normal ones 48k disc is getting applied
  10. But no cashback on HDFC as the HDFC cashback is only till 16th Oct on the Apple website. I have put in a order for just the phone on Amazon now for 52900 - 1750 hdfc cashback and - 1250 Amazon pay cashback so I got it for 49,999 which is not bad will see if the Apple deal is better will cancel the Amazon order. HDFC card was not offered for this deal , I maybe wrong but I saw no discount while paying via DC
  11. https://www.apple.com/in/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-11 On 17th they will give airpods free with this model it was advertised Sauce - https://www.timesnownews.com/technology-science/article/apple-offering-airpods-free-with-iphone-11-on-its-apple-store-online-for-a-limited-period-as-diwali-offer/665087
  12. This and the 59k deal for iphone 11 128gb + pods was a brilliant deal. Unfortunately I missed it and it's already sold out. Buy it from apple on 17th same deal same price
  13. ^^Garbage discount btw cant stress banks are under tremendous pressure these days
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