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  1. Adani Enterprise at 1.20pm
  2. https://amp.scroll.in/latest/993484/up-fir-filed-against-man-who-sought-twitter-help-for-oxygen-for-grandfather Wow Great Job
  3. No shortage of O2 in UP https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/no-shortage-of-oxygen-in-any-hospitals-in-uttar-pradesh-chief-minister-yogi-adityanath-2421257
  4. Mine was slim 160 gb lasted me 11 years till date . Fat ps3 and Early 360s were hardware disasters
  5. Launch models are bound to have some issues no surprises there , usually a rev or 2 lets them iron out the hardware glitches / problems . Trend is from PS1 days Sony systems are very robust . Still Have my Ps1 which works till date even after a span of 22 years followed by Ps2 and 3 .
  6. Guys can anyone suggest a good treadmill brand for home use Price range upto 80k
  7. Guys any suggestion for a printer model ? Need only monochrome About 50-60 pages daily , no need for scanner Max - 15k
  8. Nope , I got my recent refund after 1 month . That too payed via CC Previously it was like 2-3 days . These days I just load money on wallet and then pay, removes the headache
  9. This cant be done online I have asked them too Branch visit is must
  10. Write a letter to the branch manager saying the needful , my bank had a pre filled form to fill up Attach Pan and other address proof with signature They will reactivate your account within 2 business days My Axis was dormant since 2013 reactivated last month only
  11. Back when bond games had original actors voice overs and kick a*s intro music
  12. Game is just trash , side quest are same consisting the same missions , story looses its track , maps area are cut off unless you level up . Was playing ezio trilogy , no idea how we went from there to this garbage
  13. Its not a movie , 2nd controls are dated now after 10 years . Lastly we all know how majority remasters turn out to be its a min effort cash grab
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