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  1. Zomato Gold for 1 Year at Rs.540 https://www.zomato.com/gold
  2. HotSonix

    Steam deals

    If you buy from existing steam wallet you wont get any tokens so cant get the discount coupon . sh*t like this makes me want to switch to epic store
  3. un subbed from Netflix , not worth it anymore
  4. Yeah not even worth it at the price.Heck its not even worth it at 80% Its just a cash grab with everything locked behind MT Free to play it should have been
  5. Theres a gareebo ka fast and furious movie dont remember the name . The songs that movie has
  6. Right now nope One of the best super hero shows I watched , Tom Welling really nailed it
  7. Yep they have branch in major metros Online nada Every bank will ask you aadhar , thats how they insta authenticate you Offline every id works but takes min 1 week to activate They hand you a kit these days with all the necc items like net banking id ,Dc, passbook etc
  8. Any online savings AC you need to give aadhar details , no other way Offline no issue even voter id works
  9. Digibank DBS - Good kinda best right now . Axis ASAp - Avoid like plague ,they force you a 500 Rs + GST Debit card even if you dont want one , their CC Sucks Kotak 811 - Heard nice things but they have weird restrictions on these online only accounts Yeah I knw locals kinda call it with recent name
  10. Its IIM Kolkata , and I graduated long back Will def call him up thanks man
  11. Is IIM Kol Included ? If yes can you pm me the link ? Ty
  12. Fake sale was in my cart the moment I went to checkout it was gone At least amazon was way better ,it was there for a whole day
  13. Please dont that 2gb ram is really outdated these days also the sub 720p screen ,anyways your call For that price S9 is wayy better
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