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  1. They f**king butchered the game
  2. Is it that bad tho ? Add Game pass+gold combo @1k per month , Full Day one release games Killer deal I must say for a next gen console
  3. Lol no the battery will be f**ked by your 4th year , but yes apple do support their products for 4-5 years. Rest upto you
  4. If you need for only school classes get a Samsung tab for 15k I got it for my niece works like a charm , no need to spend for ipad Edit : I got her this one https://www.amazon.in/Samsung-Galaxy-10-1-Wi-Fi-Black/dp/B07SVZ86KS
  5. I would suggest the air 3 64 gb A12 is miles ahead in terms of A10 If you can wait , check bbd sales it will be in 1-2 month
  6. ek sale khatam hua dusra chalu Btw no price errors this time
  7. Yeah too costly for a 6 year old hardware I remember getting a ps4 in 2015 for 27k 26.5k from fk
  8. Get iPhone XS instead of 11 , atleast you can see yt at 1080p -60k citi/icici - 58k https://www.flipkart.com/apple-iphone-xs-space-grey-64-gb/p/itmf944ees7rprte?pid=MOBF944E5FTGHNCR&otracker=wishlist&lid=LSTMOBF944E5FTGHNCRAH33S3&fm=organic&iid=60569bf4-18ca-432d-9aa6-1032500890a2.MOBF944E5FTGHNCR.PRODUCTSUMMARY&ppt=hp&ppn=homepage&ssid=wvyr8q36mo0000001596660862715
  9. HDFC DC will only get you 650 off unless its emi Edit - whats wrong with ps4 price either they are 30k or OOS. Ps4 used to sell at 21-22k after discounts and exchange
  10. ^^I support xbox , their game pass looks promising Since ps exclusives will eventually come on pc will get xbox this gen 700 per month offers tremendous value
  11. Valhalla - Odyssey with a new skin Really hate they took assassins out of assassins creed game Now its just a typical open world rpg with some 1st civilization weapon strapped in the story
  12. HotSonix


    Dont forget multiple edits that stream was not live Also this
  13. HotSonix


    My uncle's friends died due to corona . He was billed 9.3 lakhs for 6 days of hospital stay .
  14. HotSonix


    Swab but they are unable to come home
  15. HotSonix


    Where to do the test ?
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