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  1. Fake sale was in my cart the moment I went to checkout it was gone At least amazon was way better ,it was there for a whole day
  2. Please dont that 2gb ram is really outdated these days also the sub 720p screen ,anyways your call For that price S9 is wayy better
  3. Flipkart as usual with their fake iphone sale All OOS
  4. 1500 was yesterday from today onwards till last sale date its now 3k min Max disc 2k everyday and if above 40k max discount only 4k (valid once during entire sale)
  5. Amazon is now price matching Fk like in previous sales
  6. Avoid S9- Terrible battery , doesnt even last a day Note 9 - Excellent phone, but sadly it will get no more future updates after android 10 . Same with all other S9 series Iphone Xr - Apart from that stupid display I love this phone Op7 - Terrible camera better to buy the op7t My personal best bet would be to buy the new rog phone from asus (II) That 120hz display and speakers are sick af
  7. If you dont have Axis bank DC You can simply open a basic savings account with zero balance . Get the free rupay card use it on Fk sale and close the account once the sale is over . Also those near rural areas can open normal account by just dep 2.5k (Rural Branch)
  8. In Offline stores 8gb retails for 15-16k and 4gb for 11-11.5k
  9. Very bad chair Buy normal office chair Most of the reviews are fake coz they send some gift you give them positive one
  10. Doing Gods work bro Even after all those streaming I barely cross 160 gb
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