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  1. HotSonix

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Anyone using nokia 5.1 plus ? Is their screen issue solved ? Was considering the A10 from sammy
  2. HotSonix

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    @santanu18 have you seen apple pencil on any discount ? (previous sale) 1st gen ?
  3. HotSonix

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    I knw 😅
  4. HotSonix

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    nothing beats chaos theory and double agent (ps2 one also ) those games were legends I still wonder why enemies couldn't see the green light on fishers backpack 😁
  5. HotSonix

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Its scripted just like before The end game didnt even look close to this and was a completely different one
  6. HotSonix

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    They are not overcharging those are import charges ,duty etc same as any electronic goods which are not made in India
  7. HotSonix

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Thats what he said
  8. HotSonix

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Ghost recon future soldier Mp was so awesome. Remember clocking closed to 2k hours on Mp alone for 5 years. Never Got old
  9. HotSonix

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So anyone surprised that the kid got naked. That was weird to watch , much worse than the old naked hag
  10. HotSonix

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    For the love of god please dont buy i5 6500 for 19k 😐
  11. HotSonix

    The Division 2

    Noice let me start dl ing 😁 You getting it ?
  12. HotSonix

    The Division 2

    When is it unlocking here?
  13. HotSonix

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    Reach has solid mp story wise so so I just hope they dont make the mp gold exclusive since it requires xbox live
  14. HotSonix

    The Division 2

    I did during the beta so many times but no body came 😌