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  1. Yeah not even worth it at the price.Heck its not even worth it at 80% Its just a cash grab with everything locked behind MT Free to play it should have been
  2. Theres a gareebo ka fast and furious movie dont remember the name . The songs that movie has
  3. Right now nope One of the best super hero shows I watched , Tom Welling really nailed it
  4. Yep they have branch in major metros Online nada Every bank will ask you aadhar , thats how they insta authenticate you Offline every id works but takes min 1 week to activate They hand you a kit these days with all the necc items like net banking id ,Dc, passbook etc
  5. Any online savings AC you need to give aadhar details , no other way Offline no issue even voter id works
  6. Digibank DBS - Good kinda best right now . Axis ASAp - Avoid like plague ,they force you a 500 Rs + GST Debit card even if you dont want one , their CC Sucks Kotak 811 - Heard nice things but they have weird restrictions on these online only accounts Yeah I knw locals kinda call it with recent name
  7. Its IIM Kolkata , and I graduated long back Will def call him up thanks man
  8. Is IIM Kol Included ? If yes can you pm me the link ? Ty
  9. Fake sale was in my cart the moment I went to checkout it was gone At least amazon was way better ,it was there for a whole day
  10. Please dont that 2gb ram is really outdated these days also the sub 720p screen ,anyways your call For that price S9 is wayy better
  11. Flipkart as usual with their fake iphone sale All OOS
  12. 1500 was yesterday from today onwards till last sale date its now 3k min Max disc 2k everyday and if above 40k max discount only 4k (valid once during entire sale)
  13. Amazon is now price matching Fk like in previous sales
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