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  1. Does anyone know any good martial arts centres around South Delhi? BJJ hopefully, otherwise other options are welcome as well.
  2. Get Magnus, buy Zomato Vouchers. Redeem miles. Live happy.
  3. It's not covered through out. It has open spots. I seriously don't understand how people even buy houses near it.
  4. I live in Saket and there is a sewer line here as well, near PVR Saket. I haven't really faced an issue, or maybe I haven't noticed. Houses closer to line must have been facing issues though.
  5. I recently interacted with a contract manufacturer. Makes coils and compressors for ACs, he told me the same thing as official service guys from these companies. Only 2 LG models over the last 10 years have been constructed keeping in mind the temperature conditions in India, if you were lucky enough to get them out of the bunch, they will serve you well. I have 1 LG model which is going strong since 10yrs, but is hardly used. I am sure every company must have a decent batch of products but I don't want to play the lottery game, happy to pay more for General/Mitsubishi and get a solid product. Also tonnage doesn't actually mean cooling capacity. Last year while shopping, same 1.5/2 ton AC from General had more cooling capacity in Watts as compared to other brands. Even then Watts is not the correct indicator because a lot of that capacity can be lost if not efficient. From personal experience, the way Hitachi and LG has performed in my house over the years, General works far better and it's quite noticeable.
  6. My two ACs have gone bust. Likely that capacitors gave up. Both Hitachi. Seriously, will never buy anything else other than General or Mitsubishi. The General I got last summer is a tank. Delhi summers are too much for other brands.
  7. Delhi is going top up as well. Gonna be a tough season.
  8. This is bounce because of the short term recovery, FY24 will likely to still be muted. SIP krte rho.
  9. As always, should have bought more.
  10. Doesn't lock up for me because of Twitter threads but chrome locks up whenever it wants. I have been facing it for some time across different content, I think it's a bug with chrome only.
  11. But that will go right above the heads of headline readers.
  12. When Sodexo can be part of a CTC, anything can be.
  13. Has anyone installed a solar unit at their residence?
  14. Decided to go with UB23 and Pegasus 39.
  15. Mario was fun. Could have been better at times but not many complaints.
  16. That's an option and many people do it, you never know when Axis pulls the plug on the aggregated bucket. Anyway, I wouldn't hold 2 Axis cards just for the better RR. Samsung card has 3.5% markup + GST. I can very well use Magnus and use forex to climb towards the milestone. And if not Magnus then can get Reserve and take advantage of better RR on forex even if it is 1-2% lesser than what the combo yields.
  17. Can other people get this too? Like a corporate account?
  18. Sapphiro has 3.5% + GST as forex markup. Horrible for the amount of fees the card is stated to have. And rewards are sh*t.
  19. I mean, get an Axis Magnus. You will most likely get it for FYF, even without it you will get a 10k Tata Cliq Voucher to compensate for the fees. Fee waiver at 15L/year but you don't need to hit that because of the Tata Cliq voucher and if you are able to cross 1L/month, you get milestone points. It's a no brainer card right now.
  20. Inme aag kyun nhi laga dete? Get your Regalia upgraded to Infinia and close the rest. But for now: 1. Forget ICICI 2. Yes bank offers the lowest forex at 1.75% + GST = 2.065%. Indusind is 2.124%, Regalia is 2.36%. 3. Yes Bank offers some 0.6% (airmiles) on all categories (some exclusions) and 1.2% (airmiles) on Travel & Dining (5000 spend limit/statement). Will not recommend this card. 4. Indusind offers 1% per 100 bucks spent (airmiles), so net will be 1.124%. 5. Regalia offers 1.65% (airmiles) + extra 1% cashback upto 1000/month i.e. 1L spends (by enabling Global value program at 300+GST/annum). So net is -0.29%. 6. Even if you forget about airmiles for Regalia, GVP will make your net at 1.36%, slightly higher than Indusind but atleast it's purely based on cash and not airmiles.
  21. Also please check whether Greece is a predominantly cash city or not. Many cities have not adapted CC usage as well ex: Japan.
  22. Which cards do you have? Getting a new card just for one trip won't be beneficial and anyway it's hit/miss that you will be able to get a new card in time.
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