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  1. Seedha INGRAM pe grievance daalo and send Grievance Docket Number to ekart by mail.
  2. Results are good but basically sizable contribution from one off opportunities. Market likes certainty and with those valuations, it's hard to follow up.
  3. Look into the details. Generic contribution is the killer.
  4. Yeah. I even ordered a charger from them later and even that was delayed by a week. I don't know why but both of them got delivered/shipped the next day of putting INGRAM complaint. And the CC is horrible, doesn't reply.
  5. If someone is in Delhi/Gurgaon and knows exactly when they will be travelling, use Blu Cabs.
  6. No difference when it comes to charging between Amazon 2.1/3.1 and official. Can't say about others. For data, I don't think Samsung's is 3.1, not that you need 3.1 practically.
  7. Buy or if you could wait then C2 for around 1.2L around Diwali.
  8. And car purchase delayed. Chalo, OLED pakka ab.
  9. Why buy G1 if there is no need right now? Just wait and get C2.
  10. Now that's almost 10k less than 1.35L This is a good buy.
  11. C1 is hard to find even right now, by that point almost impossible. LG always pulls out the old model's supply and retailers are mainly left with open box units. Has been the case for years now.
  12. Wait till Diwali, you will get it for the same price. Why buy a year old set otherwise?
  13. I am confused by yesterday's move, Nasdaq broke the floor and recovery sharply at the end. Still closed in -ve but up almost 2.9% from the lows, same followed in SGX Nifty. Too many wild swings.
  14. I am not sure how Kotak does it but Funds of ETFs are still open but then you are buying the units at a premium as compared to their actual price in the US markets.
  15. Yeah, gonna look for C2 but Sony QD-OLED looks tempting too, gonna cost a bomb though. Waiting for festival prices.
  16. I am not sure how Kotak is doing it because they closed the investments at the sector level, maybe they have some leeway.
  17. This will get fixed. At stock, C2 was performing much better.
  18. Yes, evo panel first made it through in G1. And then LG brought it to C2 but if you check, C2 has more consistent brightness numbers across the window size and even goes brighter than G1. They refined it quite well for C2, if you compare G1 to C1, I don't see it worth the extra bucks right now.
  19. C2 is better. Hardly much difference between C1 and G1. Really difference only came in G2. Go for C1 at 1.15 if that is doable, no point in spending extra for G1.
  20. C1 for 1.15-1.2 will be the standard post cashback/discount price, get it if you can. Generally as soon as the new gen releases, LG pulls out the old supply. C2 will be available for 1.2 as well but only around Dussehra and Diwali. I need a new TV too and I am gonna wait till then as I don't trust LG to provide extended software support to their devices, they always prioritise new models for features and even a year old sets get the same months down the line, happened with the DV fix.
  21. Aah, that means I have to get a new OLED. Sigh.
  22. Arre, bro. I know that I would want that. But that will completely kill the picture quality because no local dimming. I am asking is it even possible to play at unlocked frame rate without VRR enabled?
  23. I know that but what I am asking is if the better frame rates are only enabled if VRR is set to automatic/ON? Asking that because the current TV in my room is an LCD and it doesn't do local dimming with VRR enabled, so if I turn it on the whole picture will be washed out. I am fine playing the update without VRR smoothness but at higher refresh rates and local dimming on but I don't think that it is possible, right? I will just get pre-update experience if I keep VRR turned off, I assume.
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