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  1. Hey, please clean you inbox. let me know if you are interested to buy MGS4 PS3.


    I bought it from Kmkaks but not finding time to play, will give it to you same same cost.


    PM me

  2. The game works for me and my play time . Quick few off road events Every night after work. Family loves watching me ...no stress, chilled out stuff. The monster truck points events are a major hit with family. Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
  3. In office now but it says "install" here so I guess it's unlocked finally. Can't wait to go home tonight. Loved the beta. Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
  4. Uplay says game released 17:30 IST 28th June. I bought on steam, it isn't playable yet and steam isn't giving timers or anything :-/ Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
  5. RenegadeRocks

    Destiny 2

    Preload is live ! Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
  6. Don't miss this. One hell of an experience, unlike any other. Take a bow Ninja Theory ! just wow ! It's about psychosis, fears, delusions and what ppl go through. But is wrapped in a great story and experience . Had a friend once who is no more and went thru similar stuff. Got first hand experience of what he might have been through. And it is terrifying. :( all that aside, it is a unmissable experience. Hours after finishing it I am still overwhelmed and discussing it with my wife and family. The game really achieved its goals and then some ! Took me around 9 hours to finish. And dont worry about the message about death at the begining. Its part of the experience.
  7. Only at the beginning. I thought so too but Later puzzles are actual puzzles and not about finding shapes. The opening section is slow. Later it picks up and is fun !
  8. Not comparing it to MGS V, just how Kojima plays with the players in his games usually. A quirk. And yes, in Nier's case its integral part of the game. The actual story happens after End A. Its not a reward or an extra. Half of the game is after End A. Why the designer did that, why he trolled or thought it would be cool word of mouth that spreads> well, only he knows the intent behind it, but the game doesnt end at all with end A, its the first story beat. I think He just did something unconventional to break the player's monotony of playing games. ALso to perpetrate the theme of story into the structure of the game itself where nothing is what it seems like.
  9. Not fighting with anyone but my personal thoughts are that End A was Taro's way of trolling game endings these days. Anyone who loves gaming would persist after that and find the real game that he made. those who persist find a game to be remembered for a lifetime. Those who stop at A find an average game which is being overhyped by others. End A is just not the end. If you follow conventions, well then there is End A for you. But if u like to game ,stay spoilerfree and persist, boy do you have the time of your life ! That final end was .......electric !!!! youtubing it .....well, why game then? watch movies. They are a valid entertainment medium (No offence, i am just carefree having fun here) Dont kill me, but End A was the biggest troll moment of gaming of this year. He pulled a Kojima with that one. End A is nothing. its just end of Act 1. This game annihilates and trolls the concept of "endings" for laughs and to pull up surprises. By then end, you dont care about endings at all.....you are just in for the ride ! I am no Yako TAro fan or anything but this game was the most refreshing gaming moment since forever. It brought the fun, the joy of "just playing with you" back to games. Loved it to the core <3
  10. caved in bought it on steam. lets see how this goes.
  11. This reminds me I still have to finish this. BTW, try out the first person camera, its kindof super fun to float around in First person hugging buildings while floating etc !
  12. released on steam . got a mail. Anyone played it? how does it feel?
  13. RenegadeRocks

    Persona 5

    Ok making progress but something has happened which I dont know how it happened and I cant make it go away. whenever a fight starts, Ryuji gets the first turn and not Joker ! Why is this happening? Joker is th eparty leader I have checked twice but yet each fight starts with me in control opf Ryuji and then Joker. I hate it cos I have my custom personas on Joker and thats where I can change according to weaknesses of enemies. How do I make Joker get the first turn again ?
  14. To get a first hand experience of a psychotic condition itself is worth it. Whether is entertaining or not is secondary , for me atleast, in this aspect. its the fact that I see something I have never experienced in my life but is part of their real life for so many is pretty significant on its own. With depression being commonplace and affecting almost everyone, I am very interested in how much and where your mind can lead you. The best part is that its not some half hearted fund crunched project like most others who tackle such themes. Wont be for everyone is a given just because of its theme. Lets see how well they pull it off, the latest video seems very encouraging regarding the authenticity of the experience at least.
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