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  1. There this small chain of restaurants called tapri...
  2. Well, you could try traditional wet shaving if you aren't already. Its a whole new world, fantastic clean shave and better for your skin too.
  3. Nothing beats a Kindle man...my fave gadget of the last 15 years hands down..
  4. I almost gave up on you after you said you still loved the LOTR movies,. But you pulled me right back in
  5. Well you do get a killer misal pav..makes up for everything else in life
  6. I assume you are asking about the HDFC diners card..it's a great card with unlimited lounge access and awesome 10x reward points. Only con would be that it many stores do not.acvelt this card in india
  7. Hard boiled wonderland was my fave murukami.. Umberto eco .tried reading Foucault pendulum while in college.. was way too complicated
  8. Lol.. my entertainment for the day.. keep the light strong brother.. No wait. Anna.
  9. Would the code work for a Xbox account I mean pass plus ultimate upgrade?
  10. The boys show hold its own.. I would recommend you guys read the comics..they are more insane
  11. My favorite level In videogames have to be the max payne dream sequence, where he follows a trail of blood
  12. There is only so much of "oh frodo" a guy can take man.. I do have both the trilogys on blu Ray though
  13. The movie have aged terribly.. Cant watch them except for the battle scenes ..
  14. Wow..received another GN from my SS..in the woods..pics of all the three gifts when I reach home.. Thanks SS..you are awesome
  15. Awesome gifts by my SS. FF 15 game which I was going to buy next month and the Bahubali 2 Blu ray..y daughter loves the movie..bhalaldev ftw. Thanks a lot. Please reveal yourself..travelling so don't have pics
  16. Btw for the peeps who asked, the book is from Amazon and the figurine is from superherotoystore
  17. Glad you liked the gifts man.. merry Christmas to you and your family dude.
  18. Euron Greyjoy will have a major role next season
  19. Inside Edge is pretty good stuff. Very well made and very high production values. Please watch it. If you dont please stop complaining about simar ka sasural level of indian television..
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