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  1. Head and warner will come out blazing and if they pull it off its gonna be game over.. Need wickets upfront to make a game of it.
  2. Bungie would have been in deep troubles already had the Sony acquisition didn't happen when it happen... Stop watching click baity videos as your source go read more details on Forbes.. No one on the team has blamed Sony for what's happening at bungie.. Nice try though.
  3. Dw about me I know what I will subscribe to and how.. Atleast I don't waste my energy fighting for freebies ( which are actually quite shitty)
  4. Thats rich coming from someone who have been eating sh*t for last 2 generations
  5. Now with reviews out and this one put to rest what will you guys move on to next? Spider man 2 water physics.?
  6. You of everyone should not be asking this, have not you seen people buy xbox for last couple gens? Lol
  7. So you self report aswell for the same reason? :p
  8. Thats actually plausible given the state of the nation.. But hey i haven't seen him disagree with you Rockstars strats so just saying..
  9. I am not sure tbh lol that's why I started my reply with I may be wrong.. Regardless my point is that last of us wasn't the first game to do so and surely won't be the last..
  10. I might be wrong here but didn't you work for Rockstar? Or still are working.. A company that released gta5 through 3 console cycles..
  11. https://twitter.com/gamepasstracker/status/1679269192141348869?t=C1n0VQbt3T0UP1cMC2Ssxw&s=19
  12. To be fair though you will still find people who didn't get the plot lol..
  13. I am more worried about those who were following the merger like their life depended on it.. Zindagi ka maksad khatam ho gaya inka.. Ab kya karenge subah uth k depress ho jayenge, dhundhenge which tweet to post..
  14. Honestly what feels stupid is keeping track of a merger which wouldn't change sh*t for you if it goes through or not...
  15. Lmao that publisher already has ips build with its studios idc about the deal but you guys are so blind smh.. How can you even come up with that logic smh man.. Some of you guys here are just sad..
  16. Yeah he is right.. Phil sent him an email to confirm this.. I know he sent screenshots to me aswell..
  17. Its been 60 mins or more do you see any xbox fans posting?
  18. Wait what Sony has no games? Says the guys who buys xbox just to play halo lmao
  19. Ofcourse you haven't played it.. You will need get out of the bed with your xbox and buy a ps5 to play it..
  20. Good to see you are okay.. Its fine I can take a Couple more studios to shutdown as long as you are posting here :p
  21. sobbii


    https://wegotthiscovered.com/reviews/review-redfall-masterfully-revamps-a-tired-aging-genre/ Vaibhav that you?
  22. sobbii


    I would love to read a full in depth review from you of this game.. Please please do so... Looking forward to a level headed post from you..
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