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  1. Yeah, I was planning on buying the 8GB one since a month, and they brought in the 16GB version just in time. I'm planning on reading some manga on it, since the price difference isn't too much I got the 16GB one. Also have a Calibre library setup
  2. Personal Opinion: (when I say skip, I mean watch summarised on Youtube) Yakuza 0 is good but graphics might look a bit outdated. Yakuza Kiwami can be skipped (it's basically a cheaper 0, but the ending is really good). Yakuza Kiwami 2 is fantastic. It looks wonderful. Yakuza 3/4/5 I never played (too outdated, 5 is fine but I wasn't interested in spending the time). Yakuza 6 is a cheaper K2 (same engine but less polished, story is okayish). Yakuza 7 is an entirely different kind of game but my favourite as I grew up playing Pokemon. So I would go Yakuza 0 > K2 > 6 > 7. If you want to play a turn based game just play 7. If you want to see the Dragon Engine graphics go play K2. If you want to play a gym mini game play 6. Some things to note: 1. If you do not like a game, don't drop the series but move on to next game. 2. All games have great music and some badass scenes. 3. The combat styles are also different in 0, K2~=6, 7. 4. If you play on PS5 and have an OLED you will enjoy 0 and 7 as they're in 60fps. 2 and 6 are in 30fps. I'm not sure about 3,4,5.
  3. Gavara Tarun


    Got the platinum! Wonderful game, with great visuals, music and lore. I need more games like this
  4. Anyone knows local sellers in Bangalore who can deliver PS5 games on day one? I got RDR2 delivered on launch day evening that too at 400 rs discount in Hyderabad. I still remember how excited I was, but was left confused when I had to play through that boring snow filled opening.
  5. Refer to this guide by CyricZ for any doubts -- https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/272324-yakuza-like-a-dragon/faqs/78735/introduction As for grinding it's simple, you don't need to grind until you are introduced to the Sotenbori Arena, that is not optional. Other than that you don't have to grind ever again till you reach Kamurocho at the end. I remember equipping Hariti's Amulet as soon I got one in the arena, it removes all enemies from the cities. You can grind in Kamurocho underground just defeating that one Invested Vagabond over and over again for a max 10 times (just make sure you have job exp items equipped for all characters, 2 per character if possible and also regular exp items for the characters that need it). So not much grinding basically you just need to know where to grind. I used Ichiban, Nanba, Han in the default jobs, Adachi as Enforcer, Zhao as Host, Eri as Hostess and Saeko as Idol. My main team was Ichiban, Adachi, Han and Zhao and I swap Zhao for Eri or Saeko based on requirement. The final boss of main story is not that hard, he does have one bullshit KO move so just always do a Peerless Resolve on Ichiban for that boss. Even Final Millennium Tower is not that hard, I got that on my second try after beating the game. But for TFMT I had to do a decent amount of grinding, all characters 95+ level and 90+ job level on one job and 28-30 on two more. I followed CyricZ guide for that.
  6. Finally got the platinum! I previously played this on PC Gamepass in 2021 and got all achievements except the True Final Millennium Tower one. Bought this for PS5 and finally completed the TFMT. After slogging through the TFMT for 2.5 hours, the trophy popped but when I went to the trophies page later it was not showing up, I was worried it was glitched but it seems PS takes a while to sync trophies from local to PSN. In an hour it was all fixed. In the post game the best way to earn money is to equip 7 Nouveau Riche crowns on your party and do the Final Millennium Tower. It takes like 30 mins for 1 round and you get like 55 million.
  7. Been there, done that. Built a PC with a RTX 3080 in Oct 2020 and just played a bunch of Yakuza Games and gave up on PC gaming and sold it. Back to Playstation with the PS5. I love the plug and play capability of a PS5 over PC.
  8. oh yes forgot about that, 4k 60fps RDR2 would be great. But I don't know if I'll ever play it again, RDR2 can only enjoyed when I have all the time in the world with no work or responsibilities. I played it in college after getting a PPO so I had no tensions, I even watched 2 seasons of Westworld and Django Unchained for extra immersion. Tried playing it on PC in the pandemic and I could not get into it, as everything feels very sluggish and I don't feel like I have time for that.
  9. I wish we could get a 4k 60fps patch/remaster for these games: 1. Assassins Creed Unity (great crowd density and parkour, game was ahead of its time) 2. Watch_Dogs (remember E3 2012 demo?, it would be great to see that version) 3. Sleeping Dogs (combat is unique, love environmental kills) 4. Batman Arkham Knight (definitive Batman game IMO, has so much Batman content, introduces the player to a lot of Batman villains and allies, Mark Hamill Joker and Kevin Conroy Batman <3) 5. Watch Dogs 2 (one of better Ubisoft games along with Far Cry 5 in terms of look, graphics and minimal UI, fantastic virtual tourism)
  10. It's probably just the incompetence of the staff in your area. In Vizag, I loved Bluedart. Even Apple ships via Bluedart Domestic Priority.
  11. Oooh ecom express, it is trash in Blr too huh, I placed an order for an iPhone 13 Pro on RD when it launched and cancelled it and bought it on day one at a local store. RD took like around 3 weeks to refund me because ecom express still continued shipping to destination location and I had to manually go to the local branch and tell them to send the item back and don’t attempt delivery. Reliance shouldn’t be skimping out like this.
  12. Luckily I had a Reliance Digital tab open, was hoping to get 5% cashback with Amazon. Got myself a PS5 from Reliance, hope it doesn't get cancelled. Only Sony Center and Reliance Digital took in orders. (not sure about Vijay Sales, didn't see any twitter notifications for them)
  13. Some C1s are being shipped with Evo panels. Obviously LG won't make it look like the panel of G1 but it means, the C1 can have a G1/C2 panel running under "spec" so that would mean that it has any efficiency/burn-in related improvements that come with the new panels. You can even do some hack that makes the C1 think its a G1 and run the panel brighter although that can probably deteriorate it faster.
  14. Yeah I felt the same, like the brightness is not enough. While watching in a dark room, my eyes are adding blooming. What panel did you get btw? You can find it by looking at the model information label on the box. OLED55C1PTZ.DTRQLJL something like that, the fourth letter after the period tells you the panel. P or W means EVO, Q or Y means normal panel.
  15. My TV has the normal panel, was hoping for the fancy EVO panel It was manufactured on Dec 23 2021
  16. If you have an OLED, can you try and tell me if Interstellar DV has true blacks? I have heard Nolan elevates black levels in his movies so I just want to know.
  17. No no, I just got the table top stand. The LG folks were telling me the table top stand might not be in stock so installation might take more time if I insist on the table top stand. But I made sure to make the Reliance Digital folks call their LG contacts before my purchase to ensure that the table top stand is in stock. So I got it. The table top stand weighs a lot, its more worth it in terms of money than the wall mount. Also, I don't have separate speakers, I think the TV sound improves a minor bit with the table top stand.
  18. My TV model is C1XTZ and it has a black back.
  19. I have an Apple TV 4K Gen 1. BTW it turns out Youtube app on tvOS does not support HDR? Like whyyy? :facepalm:
  20. Guys I received my C1, got the table top stand too. Off to setup a Plex server on my Raspberry Pi so that I can view movies with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio using AirPods Pro..
  21. Hi, any updates on how you find the performance? I have just bought a LG C1 55 inch and plan on buying a PS5 when the stars align so do you know if this will this work for me? It has some pretty good reviews on Amazon
  22. Do you think a APC 660w is enough for PS5, Apple TV and the 55 inch C1? I don’t have a PS5 now but I’ll get one eventually. is it fine to purchase a UPS second hand? This is the model I am considering buying — APC Easy UPS BVX1200LI-IN 1200VA / 650W, 230V, UPS System, an Ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC & Home Electronics https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08R8B5MXP/
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