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  1. Splendid view. Good thing you're wearing a helmet haha. When you say bad crash, I hope it isnt too bad...
  2. Yeah. Check the length of the cable though, mine's a bit too long so I had to use cable ties to hide away the excess cables
  3. Quality of the cable itself could be bad. I've seen cheap Chinese cables where the black insulation starts melting and gets sticky, or the pins of the HDMI cable get messed up. I'd say spend a couple hundred more, get a decent cable (preferably made in india) and save yourself the trouble of buying cheap cables again and again. I personally use 1 AmazonBasics and 1 Belkin cable, no problems.
  4. Oh yeah sure. Tangled and The Croods were pretty good. And I like anime too, but its not a family movie thing for me at least. Prefer live action, but serious. Thinking of watching The Darkest Hour, the one where Gary Oldman finally bagged his Oscar.
  5. Animated movies? I mean they're not bad but meh. My family already watched Gulabo Sitabo, said it was pretty bad except the ending But yes, most movies with the Rock are good family entertainers. Thanks, totally forgot about the dude hehe
  6. I think splitter is for one input and multiple outputs. Like one PS4 to two different monitors. This is for connecting multiple sources to a display with only one HDMI. Afaik, Belkin makes an HDMI splitter, but I dont see it on amazon. @dante77 Belkin's reliable enough.
  7. I don't read much Sci fi, but recently read Skyward and Starsight by Brandon Sanderson. He's my favourite fantasy author, and this was his sci fi debut. Fantastic character work.
  8. Chirag2001

    Apex Legends

    Max kills for me!! Have gotten higher damage before though Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, of course its on kindle. Its one of the most popular books in this genre. Did you get it and get reading, or did you decide on something else? Also, if you're ever inclined, Mistborn deserves another go. It easily one of the best complete trilogies out there.
  10. Been listening to this piano mix. Its brilliant as it is, but also as background music if you're gonna be working for 3 hours in a stretch Got a lot of work done while listening to this.
  11. Thats such a lucrative price, that even people who played it on PS4 will pre-order this. Smart move
  12. Also use Bose QC headphones, worth every penny.
  13. Yes. Its such a different comedy movie than the usual garbage. Purely comedy, no romance bullshit. Don't mind romance, but then its usually pretty badly done. We're the Millers, 21/22 Jump Street was also pretty funny, but its not something I'd watch with the fam
  14. Will recommend Corsair HS50. That's the one I use, bought it for less than 5K. Has volume control, mute button, detachable mic. Mic quality is pretty good my friends tell me. I use it to play online FPS games, so can recommend this. Works great, I always hear footsteps on time
  15. For example. we watched this movie called Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galfia-whats-his-name It was hilarious and a fantastic time. Would highly recommend it. Plus shows you some of the best parts of the US. There's also a couple scenes where they smoke pot but thats fine
  16. Will check it out. No offense bro, but I personally think all Hindi soaps are trash. Even if there is a hidden gem out there, not going to bother. Plus we don't like to engage in long shows anyway. English movies work best. My parents can watch whatever they want separately, I don't wanna watch it with them. My mom watched Sex Education start to finish. Told her I haven't seen it, wont bother either. I think its a good show, and I won't mind them seeing it, but Id rather not see stuff like that together.
  17. Yeah will do. One scene isn't gonna cut it. Some drunk dude touches a woman in an inappropriate manner. Thats okay I guess. Any good family movies on Amazon Prime?
  18. Chirag2001

    Hyper Scape

    Yep. I do think it's oversaturated though. The existing BRs are already very popular. Don't see anything new from Ubi except the typical futuristic map stuff. I'm sticking to APEX. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  19. 70$ or 5K per game is too much. PS Plus might finally come in handy if they start doing 1 PS5+1/2 PS4 title every month. But if Sony does the games as well as they did on PS4, a 10$ markup will not affect most people I guess. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  20. Is Crazy Rich Asians a family friendly movie? I wanna watch with my mom later today. It's titled Rom-Com, but rom-coms can be lewd at times. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  21. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | Rs. 399/- | PSN INDIA
  22. Chirag2001

    Hyper Scape

    Ubi paid a bunch of creators to play it lol. Mostly smaller youtubers who currently play Apex Legends/Warzone etc Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  23. Yeah, but this thread has plenty of links to something dumb Americans have done. Obviously, it's mostly the dumb sh*t that's highlighted, but some of this does seem absolutely ridiculous. Throwing COVID-19 parties like this should be illegal. Obviously, not all Americans are that way. Most youtubers that I watch ask you to stay home, stay safe, spend time with family etc. It's just a different picture. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  24. Gonna platinum that too? Gotta check if NFS Heat has online MP trophies.... I assume you got it off the EA Access sub?
  25. I guess the question is specific to you, and whatever rig you're using. I myself don't play on PC now, don't have the time/money to keep up with the hardware and RGB trends but will consider getting back into it this holiday season. We've got wayy too many free games on PC to pass up on, and even a ton of cheap games which are fantastic. Only downside is that will have to spend good amount of cash to get my PC to be functioning and future proof for a couple of years. Will wait for the 3060 card to show up, then think about it.
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