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    Apex Legends

    Have been playing for a while now, casually every other night with my irl friends, hit level 500. Playing more ranked this split, maybe will make it to Masters by the end of the season. Lets see.
  2. Yeah my mom has a Regalia. I was looking into the upgrade to Infinia, but there's a 12.5K/year price tag on the card? Pretty steep. Or expenditure of 10L+ in a year to upgrade for free? Is that correct? Don't really need as such, more than happy with whatever Regalia offers.
  3. My dad uses an Axis Bank Vistara Card. He flies a lot for work and otherwise, so a card tied to airline points works better. I think the fee is around 3.5K a year but the card is used enough that the fees got waived off. Idk whats the lounge access limit on that one but its been working fine for us.
  4. Yep! He's very much involved with the show - unlike Wheel of Time - so should be good. Plus I have more faith in Apple TV+ shows. Have you also read Recursion? His next book, Upgrade comes out in July. I was sent a review copy by the publisher, very promising indeed.
  5. Idk if this the right thread, but I have a query. My dad is chums with our HDFC branch manager. He handles all the banking stuff for us. Credit Card upgrades, various bank schemes, extra facilities etc. He got him into this TATA AIA Insurance Policy or something like that, and I've been getting emails that I have to pay a premium of about 3L. Anybody else have this policy, or is this kind of premium amount normal? I don't know any insurance or banking stuff, and my dad will just go along with whatever schemes the bank manager suggests cuz he's my dad's friend and whatever. Just thought I'd verify this. I haven't been paying the premium - and every week since the due date, the premium amount of 3L is deducted from my account. my balance goes into negative, and then its added back. Keeps happening, idk what the f**k is going.
  6. Have read the book - Dark Matter is an absolute mind bender page flipper. With Crouch himself at the steering wheel, this is gonna be a smash and I can't wait.
  7. is it on any of the streaming services?
  8. Kaguya Sama is elite as f**k. hyped for season 3. its hilarious and wholesome and the most light enjoyable show possible.
  9. if covid crash can recover - I guess so can this. PS. I opened up Canara's net banking portal - its hot garbage - went to all the trouble of adding my HDFC acc as beneficiary, never done net banking before on my own - and it tells me I need to reset a transaction password - and that option is currently not working on the website. pathetic online services. will find a different way hopefully.
  10. Canara Bank Net services are hot garbage, the interface gives me 2007 flashbacks, and not in a good way. I'll see what I can do. Anyway I don't do SIP - because cash inflow isn't very consistent. I do have a sizeable amount of capital (for me anyway) sitting so I can just make a hefty investment now. I know small dips don't matter much in long term investing but seems like a big fat correction so I'm sure there is some advantage as compared to blind SIP. I'm doing UTI Nifty and MO's S&P 500 fund. Current allocation is like a 10:1 so I'll look to add to both but balance the scales a little I guess.
  11. I don't pop in here too often, I stick to my MFs and Index Funds. Its never been in the red before. I started adding it to about a year ago - and today its absolutely down bad. I know this isn't supposed to be that concerning and I should just buy the dip - but this isn't a regular dip so a little concerned. Any comments or do I just dump in a bunch more cash? will do so tomorrow. Also - my Coin acc is linked to my HDFC account - but now I have a Canara Bank acc with more funds. But the Coin app won't let me use that account for UPI. I tried transferring from Canara Bank to HDFC bank but UPI doesn't allow money transfer since both are my own accounts. Any work around?
  12. Major fomo. Exam on Tuesday; have to wait until then. But HYPED AS HELL. It does seem like a sombre and noir experience, a bit of a different take and thats my jam. I'm not really a marvel person, with the whole good guys defeat bad guys with comedic lines spammed in every 5 seconds.
  13. Bale minus throat cancer voice = best batman I know its supposed to be a bit low and raspy but still Edit: He's my favourite batman too. the only others I've seen are Keaton and Affleck, not my style. Either of them. Hyped for Pattinson though!
  14. Now I'm hyped as f**k for Batman. Sadly have exams this whole week but hoping to go watch it sometime next week. Haven't been this hyped for anything since Dune came out.
  15. Yeah thats perfectly understandable. iPads are pretty good for those. There's a new Paperwhite now. I personally have the Oasis. They're WAY faster, and have higher ppi screens. It might take a bit to adjust, but there's no equivalent to walking around with basically my whole library in my jeans pocket.
  16. jeez get a kindle. the e-ink displays are fantastic. plus the Oasis and the new Paperwhite have warm light settings. I honestly just buy physical books to keep em on the shelf. I pirate the same thing onto my kindle, so I have the convenience of reading on my kindle as opposed to a physical book.
  17. This is why kindle is goat'd. Can literally start reading instantly on release. Same sh*t as digital games vs having to wait for the physical disc to come in I guess.
  18. Def recommend watching this video, and then get motivated to read the books if you have not Great video!
  19. No problem, you're welcome.
  20. Ah well good luck. You're gonna need the thing you have to replace as well..... Go to Palika. M-15, Repairing Centre. You can't miss it, the shop has a thousand PS4s stacked up and there is a tea stall right in front. Shouldn't take more than 10 mins to fix it, and it costed me 250 bucks.
  21. No worries mate. I bought a new controller after that since I didn't want to miss gaming nights with the boys. I planned to get the original one fixed but it sat on my shelf for well over a year, until last week. y PS4 hard drive got corrupted so I had to take it in. I decided to get the old controller fixed at the same time. Cost me 250 bucks for the controller. Its definitely doable at home but I'd recommend getting it fixed at a shop. We have the same issue, so just take it in, dude will replace this green silicone membrane sheet kind of thing that lives inside the controller.
  22. I've been abusing the Audible free trial for well over a year now, but its my last month I keep hoping to get another 3/4 month free trial with Google Pay but my rewards have been sh*t recently. My current 3 month sub is also thanks to my friend. If anyone here gets an Audible code with GPay or otherwise - and doesn't plan on using it, please pass it on to me - would very much appreciate it
  23. Flipkart's website looks and feels like shite too. I ordered two iPhone 12s from them last year cuz the price was a banger but I was so f**king worried the entire time lmao Bezos might be a bald nutcase but Amazon is way more reliable
  24. which store? my experience with the one in Logix has been quite good, while the staff at the RD there were absolute idiots. the Croma at Mall of India has been fine for me as well
  25. personal finances related - I had a child/dependent bank account (with Canara Bank) for many years which my grandfather had opened for me, and deposited some money into an FD. I could've gotten it changed to a regular savings a/c but we'd totally forgotten this existed. Went to the bank today and got it done. They'll be sending me a debit card, cheque book etc by post. I use my HDFC savings a/c for UPI and any deposits/withdrawals, don't need to actively use this a/c. Should I get with a different bank? The only benefit here is that Canara Bank branch is 2 mins from my house. My dad said its beneficial having one a/c in a nationalised bank. Is this sound logic, or is this another thing people do without any actual logic behind it? I didn't immediately open up an FD with Canara Bank as I thought I'd ask once for advice. I don't want the money to just sit around doing nothing. Would like to invest at least 1L, will keep the rest for a trip abroad this year, hopefully. Any advice, never dabbled with this much money? Dad just told me to put into a Fixed Deposit - but I want to explore my options.
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