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  1. Yeah that’s the new Xbox policy. The only big Xbox exclusive is Starfield. Was expecting something from Coalition and Kojima. The Xbox exclusive drought still continues.
  2. Underwhelming show. Too many multiplayer, coop and indie games. First party games are rare.
  3. One of my few fav games coming this year. Callisto protocol and MWII are on my 2022 buy list. Pray that God of war comes this November.
  4. Looks like Skyrim in space. Doesn’t look visually appealing and combat seems weaker than in Mass effect. Pretty underwhelming for me but will play it nonetheless.
  5. And resident evil 9 or CV remake. I know only announced games but one can dream
  6. The graphics are rebuilt however it seems to be a 1:1 remake like the souls game. Complete waste of resources and time imo
  7. Damn. It’s basically the same scene by scene with updated graphics. also waiting for the comparison with original or remastered video if it’s worth buying it
  8. Better than 330 am for SoP and Capcom showcases.
  9. Snake bought the latest Game in his steam. That’s his overall cod portfolio.
  10. Nah. They will talk only on announced games. The sequel will be announced after RE4 release. Village DLC might be there.
  11. Good to hear but sucks that you have to wait for 9months to play it. We are not getting any younger.
  12. Checked the PS Store. There is no PS4 or standard version. Just the Cross Gen and Vault editions.
  13. If demos are covered under Gamepass, then I don’t mind.
  14. Hope this BS pricing ends this year. Hope to see all COD games in Gamepass next year.
  15. From what I see, missions are taken from both Modern warfare 1 and 2. Graphics seems to more or less the same from 2019.
  16. That’s a big difference and system requirements are lower than I thought.
  17. See the full details in Playstation store. Story DLC is included. EDIT - I see that they updated the PlayStation store. check below link. playstation has 48 hrs early access to the DLC https://callisto.sds.com/buy/?p=ps5
  18. Like Big boss said, we both enjoyed the show. We don’t mind the male objectification and are only pointing out that increasing bias.
  19. who knows. They took the safe route by objectifying only the men. No outrage so far. Episode 1 opening scene was the most gross stuff ever and I never thought they could outdo the penis choke scene last season.
  20. True. Only Men are objectified. Far too many penis and a*s scenes. Expecting the same treatment for Deadpool 3. Maybe no nude parts but definitely less or no sexual jokes on women like in 2. If there is such equal treatment for women, Twitter would be all over it.
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