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  1. Isn’t Xbox one X discontinued and that game is delayed to November? This will be removed.
  2. Bet Activision and EA will follow suit with $70 games.
  3. Likely so. Big third party games like call of duty 2020 will come in the main show.
  4. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    Look like Atriox. Or another Brute leader as Atriox is trapped back in the Ark.
  5. IMO Prices of Japanese games generally take longer to come down if they receive rave reviews and sold well. Resident Evil 3 has drop to almost Rs 2000 in PSN. Guess it didn’t sell well.
  6. My eyes hurt watching this clip. Guess it is out of my list.
  7. Anything good expected from the Pre-Show? Don’t want to waste my time watching indies.
  8. Yeah different products (one is purely entertainment and the other is an all in one, every day use and critical for personal and work use) and different set of target markets. Also there are only 2-3 consoles unlike multiple brands with multi price strategy for phones.
  9. I recall that there is a smartphone style plan for the Xbox console so it is guaranteed that it will come for nextgen too. But It’s much cheaper if you bought the console. In any case, it will never come to India as it is a niche market here.
  10. TLOU2 is my 11th platinum. Sony has made trophy hunting easy in its games this gen. Difficultly and MP trophies are gone in story rich games.
  11. BR is an over saturated market. Wonder why do more developers invested in it? They die fast these days.
  12. Yeah. Same. In my first playthrough I go through that map clockwise.
  13. Yeah but Scrap and capsules resources are not needed if you have maxed out the player stats and weapons and you play Survivor+. Playing survivor in the first play through would be surely hard if you do not know the area and locations. BTW I got my 11th platinum.
  14. Could be less than Normal as you need to run away from avoidable encounters due to very limited ammo.
  15. Mysteryman

    Far Cry 6

    I see that it has smart delivery for PS5 but there is a catch. You have to buy a Polar Cry 6 edition and digital version only.
  16. Abby suffered equally. She lost all her friends and WLF and learned that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. She learned that faster and more focused than Ellie. She found redemption in Lev and the new born Fireflies in the end. Looking forward to TLOU3 at the end of PS5 gen. ND still has to fix its internal and developer exodus problems.
  17. Same case and design as PS4 with an updated headline and color
  18. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    Yes. That brute warlord.
  19. Hope Wolfenstein 3 will be announced in the Xbox event. It’s already 3 years since.
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