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  1. Oh ok, that explains all the missing videos of streamers that has always puzzled me. Not a regular twitcher, prefer to watch on youtube at my own time. Nice gow vid btw. Maybe do edited highlight version as well.
  2. delivery estimates say by 5th may, i will be out at the time, if nobody recieves it, what happens then? Will it be resent or what? Will i get store credit or refund to source?
  3. SONY ne PONIES ko itna flip-flopping karaya hai this gen, they don't even know what to think anymore GENERATION ya CROSS-GENERATION? Anti-MTX or Pro-MTX? Anti-ad or Pro-ad? Live-Service good or bad? Subscription servive YAY or NAY? By the time this gen ends, i fear PONIES will be like "unki biwi unki, or hamari biwi bhi unki
  4. RE3 - I dunno how i feel about this game yet, sound seems low, and a bit off to be honest, something wrong with the mixing i feel. It's nice that the games are made by two different teams, and it shows, some crucial mechanic changes between 2 and 3. Knife not as useful. Dodging. Etc. On one hand, this keeps things fresh. On the other hand, everything was so good in 2, that those missing things really bothers me. Downing enemies and using knife on them was so satisfying in 2. Also, shotgun in 3, hate it.
  5. Everybody knows that 3 months is good enough for most sp action/adventure/shooter games, even more so the kind that SONY makes, those 70$ games can done in a week in fact. He just wants to pretend for the sake of pretending. If SONY decides to bring their games to PSNow, then you will see him change his tune overnight...err...i mean over-hour...over-hour? I think i am giving him too much credit, let's call over-minute. He will be changing his tune overminute as soon as SONY does palti.
  6. Bro, just checked your twitch channle? Does twitch not store older videos? None of your hzd video is there except 1?
  7. Bhai, if u are making gaming videos, then at least include some sort of commentary, like how agent is doing.
  8. Bro, you have opened my eyes. From now on, i have decided not look out for my interest, but SONY's. And no, not just saying that, in fact, just got off the phone, i have informed my lawyer make my will, have decided to give it all to SONY for showering with TLOU n GOW n Spiderman games. LONG LUV SONY Also informed my dad about the same. He turned towards my mommy and said, "Arri bhaagwaan, kya kha ke paida kiya tha iss chotiye ko?" I, sensing discord among the ranks, instantly replied, "Papaji, chotiya nahi...chutiya! I know all the words!" And with uppam pride and satisfaction, I turned around and left them with a look of bemusement and anger in their eyes.
  9. Lol So let me get this straight. - SONY patented in-game advertising? - Increased game prices to 70$, sold ponies the game at 70$, and then asked ponies to buy cars in the same game at 300$ even for a single model? - Already used in-game adverts in primarily AAA SP game like Death Stranding? Isi baat pe ek aur lori ho jaaye? Lalla lalla PONY SONY ki katori Katori me mtx aur In-game ad kaa bataasha PONY kare tamasha Ok ok, i will see myslef out
  10. will check with the site then. Will check with my sis. They are relocating to Powai area, not sure the exact location, will check with her.
  11. Not possible, i ignore neighbors for the most part, we are on strictly nodding terms. Is this shoptc or whatever it's called based in Mumbai and i could pick it from them directly while i am there?
  12. This gen in a nutshell: SONY - Palti King PONY - Palti Queens
  13. So what happens if i order it, and am not here to receive it? We are all travelling to Mumbai on 26th for a couple of weeks...
  14. At this point, i am convinced ponies sing this song to one another in their dreams... PONY kitna PONY hai PONY jaise tera mann Sun zara sun kya kehti hai SONY ke dil ki dhadkan PONY kitna PONY hai PONY jaise tera mann Sun zara sun kya kehti hai SONY ke dil ki dhadkan Tu mera tu mera tu mera Tu mera tu mera PONY no.1 Tu mera tu mera tu mera Tu mera tu mera PONY no.1 PONY tu mera PONY hai Xbot jaisa kaam na kar SONY ki is PONY ko Aise to GAMEPASS na kar PONY tu mera PONY hai X-bot jaisa kaam na kar SONY ki is PONY ko Aise to GAMEPASS na kar Tu mera tu mera tu mera Tu mera tu mera PONY no.1 Tu mera tu mera tu mera Tu mera tu mera PONY no.1
  15. Bro Vaibhav, no need to prove anything. It was SONY who said generations generations. Plus, nobody should have issues with Ragnaok so long as the game is great. The issue here is that the trailer released for GOW:R looks like a dlc to a 2018 game. And the issue here is that the ponies don't have problem with that fact (not that it matters tbh), but ponies have problems only if somebody calls this dlc looking type sequel trailer for what it is.
  16. Yes, Ank is a parody of gaming world. Nobody can be this delusional.
  17. Ank bhai believes GTA5 was not a generational leap over gta 4. Ank Bhai also believes SONY shop stop making spiderman movies now, after grossing over 2.5bill with the latest one. Ank bhai prolly also believes water is not wet, and his fart smells like roses.
  18. There is no point in discussing crap here, chal bhai, tu sahi, gta4/5 same game
  19. SONY mama door ke GENERATIONS pakaye bur ke Investors ko de cross-gen mein PONIES ko de GENERATIONS mein GERATIONS gaya tut PONIES gaye ruth Layenge SONY cross-gen games Baja baja ke Generations ki taliyan
  20. Ye lo bhai, pehle ponies needlessly "generations" ka baaja bajaate hai, then when SONY does palti, and goes cross-gen,ponies also do palti. Now, Jaffe is an xbot. Next, if Kojima annouces a game with M$, then he will become a "has been" overnight, as per ponies. After that, if Cory leaves SONY after a few years, he will be termed a never was" by these same ponies. We all know, ponies will never stop pony-panti.
  21. HAHA ponies attacking the creator of GOW now, just cuz he spoke the truth, not his fault, he can only comment on whatever SONY has put out so far, and so far, they have only put out a trailer that looks like a dlc for a last gen game (even though the game will prolly be great) , so much for "we believe in generations" bs SONY was peddling leading upto ps5/seriesx release...
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