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  1. You can always convert gold to Gamepass Ultimate. But you will have to stack it. Will cost under Rs200 per month.
  2. Yes. Get it for a month to see if it interests you. It does have a very good clip of unique new releases. No way you will get bored of gaming if you just follow it's new releases.
  3. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Finish it then play Monster Hunter Rise.
  4. I will get it day 1 if this happens. A bit, if I am to get game day 1, digital copy. Sadly, if reviewers are not fair then they should consider their relevance.
  5. Thats RPG combat for you. It was perfection once you understood how your party works. Real time character swapping meant tense battles. Winning fights actually meant something.
  6. FF16 isn't coming to PC either. I don't have any issue with that. It's Japanese developers that are suffering by making boneheaded decisions. Origins was proper rpg combat. There is nothing clunky about it. There is a reason why we reached rpg gameplay perfection in early 2000's with infinity engine games. Now they are just trying to make them worse.
  7. It was up for a short time. About a month maybe. And it was rough. I suspect finished game should feel much better. It had potential.
  8. They had so good combat in Dragon Age Origins. All they had to do was tweak it a bit for sequal. Instead we are getting another hack and slash a la FF 16. Might as well make it fully Souls like.
  9. Xbox version for @RV1709 coming up.
  10. Phil must be basically dead. Best of luck to him. Industry future is in his hands now.
  11. I would've enjoyed it more if I weren't getting killed by random pros all the time.
  12. Same, looking forward to scam gang Gears 6 sessions. One Gears 5 session we had was really good.
  13. There is a lot of benefits of getting console equivalent pc. You can use power the way you want. Crank up all ray tracing features at 1080p. Or use it to get 120fps with good IQ.
  14. Has been this way for some time now. If you can go AMD, you can easily make console equivalent pc for under Rs 80k.
  15. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Cool. Must play for me then. Need to see how rhythm aspect work, will make it work somehow. Games take BS amount of time to finish these days. Really wanted to play Monster Hunter Rise and Wo Long day 1 but both seem like will be on backburner. Gamepass is giving that same dreaded feel of backlog now.
  16. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    I am hearing this game pulls off Psychonauts 2 as in levels just keep getting better. Hopefully get to play it soon. Am in deep end of another game currently that seems kinda endless.
  17. This is why I stay away from "controversy" like these. Hopefully western countries will be able to find a solution to this.
  18. Calling it a clone of 20 yrs old title would be bad mouthing it. Nobody calls new Doom games clones of Doom games released in 90s. In modern games animations, mechanics etc are far beyond those old games. They offer new experience.
  19. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    Ok, I might change my mind on remakes and actually buy this.
  20. To be fair though, after playing a bit of HiFi Rush, I liked writing. It's enjoyable. But it's also got me curious about Forspoken, how Japanese write games. It could be decent if you are in right state of mind.
  21. They could be legit reviews. I mean, it's possible that fanboys are going extra mile. But those reviews would be indistinguishable from legit reviews.
  22. Neil Druckmann is heavily credited for the show. Most likely he was involved with all the episodes. And now it's renewed for season 2. Absence of Game Director generally is pretty bad for progress of game development. Most of the decisions are finalised by them. All 2022 projects from Sony were in development for a long time. What about future projects. We know nothing about them. Except for 10 GAAS titles.
  23. Neil Druckmann is literally directing a TV show. Plus wasting time on remakes. Making statements like this on top. "We … [announced] Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Part 2 way in advance,’ Druckmann said. ‘But that actually caused a little bit of the work-life balance issues that we’ve sometimes had at the studio. By delaying that announcement a bit, we could play with the schedule more and we’re more conscious now about how we’re approaching production.’" https://www.gameshub.com/news/news/naughty-dog-playstation-new-game-release-date-announcements-37718/#:~:text=Naughty Dog is aiming to,re almost ready to launch. Wouldn't be surprised if next original naughty Dog game came at tail end of generation. The games they have shown so far remind me of Vita rather than PS4. Which company opened the year with a banger release and a show announcing release date for two much anticipated titles?? On top, if Spiderman 2 is 2023, where is the footage? Hard to believe it will make it.
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