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  1. Phil Spencer himself said "out-consoling" Sony or Nintendo is not a win for us. Sure, but I should take your word for it they are desperate to win console wars, yet are failing despite spending $100 billion on acquisitions. Trillion dollar companies are stupid like that, who knew?
  2. Xbox is niche system. It's not trying to outsell Sony/Nintendo. Phil Spencer already mentioned it. There is a lot of things they can do to improve sales but are not doing it. They are equally happy if you play on pc instead of xbox. One of the big things is killer app. They just released Starfield, their biggest game of the generation, and their is a smear campaign going on against it. It's easily one of the biggest games i have ever played. Huge number of systems, yet relatively bug free, quality is very high. Yet you go to any famous YouTuber and will see downright hate videos towards it. Bizzare.
  3. Who care about console sales? Yes xbox consoles sell like sh*t. They have hit a platue with gamepass subscribers. And I should care about this, why exactly? I don't, am busy playing games, gamepass is killing it. Starfield is exactly what I expected it to be. In fact much less buggy than anticipated. It's doing great as far as I am concerned.
  4. Will play this for sure. Heard good things about skill tree and builds you can make. Witcher 3 level Am struggling to finish that game. Good game for first 50 hrs but then you have seen everything. Only motivation to play it more is finish the story which so far has been predictable and cliched. Hopefully Cyberpunk will be more interesting due to builds, loot and crafting.
  5. Cool. Bethesda game choices always unfold in cool ways due to full simulation involved. That's always interesting.
  6. After playing for 70 hours, I have done 3 main quests, 0 faction quest. I don't think I will be able to discuss spoilers anytime soon. Right now have changed Gears and started exploring galaxy. Trying to reach every planet and collect as many side quests as possible. It will take a while. Though main story will likely suck so discussing spoilers would be pointless most likely
  7. Vaibhavp


    I am specialising in a weapon type so will upgrade just one weapon to max. Haven't unlocked crafting skills yet, all research are pending.
  8. 11000 + players on steam alone right now. After so many years. Definitely a successful title. GAAS titles start at 65, in 2-3 years they are more like 9-9.5. I haven't played this game but whenever I play a GAAS title that's successful and heavily updated, never feels like a 65 game.
  9. Vaibhavp


    Reached Neon for first time. Very cool city. Reminded me of Elden Ring and some of the sights you get in that game (like Raya Lucaria academy) A ton of verticality. Fun to navigate using jetpack.
  10. Vaibhavp


    This year is totally insane. October month is chock-full of releases.
  11. Yes, go for the older one. I am also planning to do that in some time, when I wanna play some multiplayer. Am done with Halo Infinite and Fortnite. Though I asked some people who play it religiously, they say be ready for sweaty players in older games cause all casuals immediately move to new one. This wasn't an issue in Fortnite.
  12. I praised Kaz Hirai when I was a PlayStation user. I praise Jimbo now for pony tears when I am not using PlayStation. There you go, both execs are great as far as I am concerned.
  13. Doubtful it's gonna happen. Phil Spencer already said something like that. You have to sell 7 million copies full price just to break even with those budgets. Still don't know if marketing is included in that or not.
  14. Which studios? You mean Obsidian, Double Fine, Bethesda, Arkane... Lol. Except Bethesda, other studios don't spend $200 million per game. You want to see power of Series X, give one of these studios $200 million, 7 years of time and ask them to make a 20 hrs linear game.
  15. Vaibhavp


    Am currently building my character. That'll take some time, completing challenges takes some effort. Will start after that. Maybe refer to some online videos like these.
  16. Wouldn't surprise me. More suspicious things have happened.
  17. Vaibhavp

    Helldivers 2

    Play with friends on party chat? Why would you play with randomise?
  18. Looking great. Looking forward to starting it later (too many releases this year). Hopefully I can dump that Jackie dude I met at beginning and don't have to play entire game as lowlife criminal. I am hearing good things about reworked skill tree. Hoping to make something interesting. Would be great if it allows for acrobatic moves during combat or exploration. And invisibility.
  19. I mean seriously, you are talking about incompetence of MS... And those are the two games you can come up with. Jeez. For Redfall I agree. Not to mention MS first party output this year is running circles around Sony's. And you are mentioning how few exclusives they have. Can't make this sh*t up.
  20. Halo Infinite and Starfield are great games. Will take them over Ubisoft copy paste titles.
  21. Nobody dropped them for Starfield either. Personally I was sceptical if Bethesda will be able to deliver. But I did see people were hyped. Cause of the type of game. I too was hyped when the game was revealed. But I know better, so I reigned it in.
  22. No one overhyped Starfield either. It's the nature of such games. No Man's Sky hype was just as big. Exploring a galaxy with ability to hop planets at will has always had it's allure. Gamers get overhyped by itself. Starfield delivered on its promise and offers content rich game.
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