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About Me

PS5 | PC | Android Emulation


I am a Software developer, currently working for Benzinga on their Pro B2C frontend. Pretty good with embedded systems as well, used to work on my college rocketry team's avionics solution.


These days playing a lot of roguelikes and such. I enjoy RPG and action adventure games as well.

My top game of all time is Nier Automata and  an underappreciated gem for me is What Remains of Edith Finch.

Loved factorio and liked the zachtronics games as well. Gaming youtubers I currently follow are Northernlion and Aliensrock.


Other than games, am a casual Marvel/DC fan, tho Black Adam was better for me than most stuff Marvel has put out after Infinity War. Semi-deep into anime, been watching for 10 years or so. Used to be a Doctor Who follower till about halfway into Capaldi. Though I haven't really collected related items.

Still waiting for District 11 ;_;


Used to read books a lot before I got my first phone :p, Normie stuff like Jefferey Archer, Dan Brown, Artemis Fowl.


Started my weight loss journey 2 months ago, wavering every now and then but keeping it steady and sustainable.





Lover of weird foods and snacks. DM for recommendations.

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