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  1. With the context that I waited and did not buy the quest 2 coz I wanted a better headset. Is there anything else that's better than the quest 2 rn?
  2. What do people think about the quest pro? worth?
  3. Still Waiting for my Santa to reveal themselves!
  4. Thanks Santa for the gifts, actually had been thinking of trying both of these
  5. Just received my gifts! Not at home rn, will post pics tonight, thanks Santa for the games!
  6. @vipulpradhan You should get 2 more gifts tomorrow. How'd you know it was me
  7. I got an iphone8 but ended up passing it on to my sister. It stopped downloading stuff when I locked it, to save battery. Torrents didn't work either.
  8. I bought the Motorolla Edge 30 Ultra last month. It's an underappreciated beast imo. Speakers are loud and sound great, battery life isn't as big as my previous phone but lasts the day without issue, ending at around 25%. Matte body texture feels great. I've never cared much about the camera so idk how it compares. Looks better than my cheap a*s Samsung M21 but you could probably do a bit better with the flagship samsungs or apples. My main purpose for going for a phone over 20k was emulation and this is a beast. 8+ gen1. Stock android. Motorolla actually delivered an amazing flagship class phone. My first smartphone was the Moto G1 and I forgot how much I have been missing the quick actions for the camera and flashlight. They're releasing their next flagship soon with the 8 gen2. Something to look out for imo. I chose this over Samsung stuff is coz they use 8 gen1 in their non-folding lineup which has overheating issues. Plus I read reddit posts saying the speakers are a downgrade from S20.
  9. I am able to explore the forum without any sign in.
  10. Haven't bought yet, was planning to do PC but can do PS5 as well. Though I believe it has full cross platform support?
  11. Anyone interested in Cooping? My friends have forsaken me
  12. It's not moddable yet, it will be moddable in the near future. I plan to sell the PS5 and other stuff in a few months so just preserving value.
  13. Anyone maintaining 4.03 firmware? I am getting FOMO for not being able to play the new Horizon game.
  14. Thank you Santa for the thoughtful gifts These snacks are of a new kind to me, very excited to try New Banta, who dis? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ❤️
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