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  1. Isnt it funny how Cosmo was ignored by MCU , But now is on the poster lol. If anyone remembers he had a very very tiny appearance on screen in GOG1 where he was in captivity of collector. Might be due to the video game ? Cosmo in that was one of the flagship character .. i loved that game so much..every character was fricking awesome and got to see them first time.. because MCU didnt even touch those characters yet. Even the knowhere planet scene in recent christmas mini series was so much identical to the one shown in game. If youre a GOG fan .. the game is must play.
  2. Beware Antman 3 end credits have been leaked online.. It is pretty sick though.. fans are in for a treat, dont leave theater.
  3. yeah among all the playstation enthusiast and gaming youtubers in india.. they got these 2 noobs .. one is king of smartphone noobs : Tech guruji and other the guy makes facebook 10 sec videos for most cringe page Beebom. Totally aligns with image of sony india management
  4. True its that government like office which exists for namesake and does work for salary sake..despite ppl trolling that acc as hell in twitter replies, sony seems least interested in fixing their India management
  5. GOG is one of my fav franchise..it always has just the right amount of humour.. unlike typical marvel humour that most are getting tired of
  6. Reality is often disappointing.. i'm just representing mainstream views. isnt it also visible by ep3's rating though?
  7. nope but shoving unnecessary gay porn is
  8. nope ..maybe because majority including me is straight ? why shove gay porn when i'm least interested. why cater this minority.. i puked out. i will give another example.. imagine in india a popular bollywood movie like pathan has a scene which shows how muslims go to namaz 5 times a day and their timings, details etc Most audience will be freaked out already right ? i mean they know muslims do namaz but is it necessary to shove this propaganda info to majority hindu audience watching this film. similarly definitely its typical LGBT propaganda spread by netflix, disney+, hbo etc
  9. seriously ? theres literally a line in upcoming ep4 " you're not family.. you are just cargo" (source : trailers)
  10. I am probably the only one who hated Ep.3 ? Minimal to almost zero screentime for infected in a apocalyptic world? wow one man in his 50s is running self sustaining mini city and also setting up all those fences and killing tech ..much wow lol and dont take me wrong..am not like anti gay or something.. but was it necessary for all the intimate scenes..made me quite uncomfortable, ended up using fast forward. i have even lost interest to continue watching this series ahead ..who knows i may end up with sex scene of joel and david (hehehehe). First ep was great.. 2nd ep i felt it changing tracks.. and now in 3rd it has almost completely skipped game's story and building something on its own. why would Joel even care for delivery of ellie at this point in show.. he wanted a car, he got one..just dump her and move on with your job. since anyway there is zero connection between both in the show at the moment even after 3 ep. Bill was such a energetic and "do anything for living" kind of guy in the game, was even joel's best frnd .. here he is a depressed lonely guy who does not consider joel a friend even when he is dying.
  11. easier ? its still being scalped to death even after 2 years.. i used to think i will buy 1 few years after launch when prices drop to 30-40k in online sales..i guess i will have to wait few more years for that lol..not missing much action on PS4 so far
  12. I was very skeptical on TLOU casting, but man am blown away by everyone's performance. Bella moulds in ellie so well. great episode looking forward to next one.. which is getting me excited, since they showed that lighting in night glimpse of that skyscraper building which they are about to enter. When you're lost in the darkness..
  13. i wished they made series on life of joel in military camp, or his jobs as a thief with his crime partner Tommy. or rise of the outbreak ..we didnt really get to see much of how and why this occurred. Friendship with tess, marlene etc Instead of remaking game into series , not complaining its bad..but it could have been so much better
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