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  1. Same even I got 1008A01R model in the last Dec 6th stocks from Croma with Oct 21 as month & year import, I never bothered checking this as I expected it to be the new model, but in a way its good that its the old bigger stock heatsink model.
  2. Thanks. No I didn't buy any PS5 games yet, only thinking of buying Gran Turismo 7 at launch for now. Also like Ank said, you can just create a US a/c and still play it on your personal a/c of any region for digital games. Physical copies doesn't make any difference anyway.
  3. Got the PS5 yesterday, fast delivery from Croma, came in just one day after shipping. Side by side alongside its rival. Downloading my entire PS4 library into it now, download speeds are still slow like PS4, need to keep pausing and resuming time to time.
  4. Finally was able to grab a PS5 on 6th Dec re-stocks, its shipped today, receiving on 15th. This will complement my Series X nicely, back to my original dark side roots.
  5. Only PSN right no Xbox ? I play Fifa 21 via Xbox Game Pass.
  6. Yea pity, on PS atleast we had to option to download pkg files on PC and transfer it via network, that's also not possible here. Overall Xbox Series X is quite good, first taste of Xbox for me, not bad at all, only this download speed sh*t is leaving a bit of sour taste.
  7. Is there anyway to fix the download speeds on Series X ? Even with a amazon basics cat6 ethernet cable today, don't see a big improvement in speeds. Forza Horizon 3 downloading at 60 Mbps. Earlier on 5Ghz wifi , Titles like Forza Horizon 4 and Motorsport 7 I got over 100Mbps speeds, yet some titles like Project Cars 2 and Midnight Club Los Angeles were downloading at 30Mbps or below. Plus it forces you to download only 1 thing at a time, instead of multiple downloads like PS.This aspect of Xbox is quite pathetic.
  8. Although I do agree Xbox doesn't have any proper next gen quality games yet nor do they hold a candle when it comes to quality of exclusives Sony has and probably will never have unless Bethesda can go back to its roots and deliver for Xbox this generation. I have been the hardest of hardcore PS fanboy for years owning everything Sony had to offer from PS2 to PS4 era. Never even looked at Xbox , apart from Forza series. there is still nothing that I personally feel remarkable or great on this platform, maybe Gears is decent, not a Halo lover at all. But ever since the backwards compatibility program was launched by MS, I seem to have slowly slowly started giving MS respect and appreciate what they are doing and even embracing the idea of myself ever owning a Xbox in future, there entire lineup of X enhanced backwards compatibility of original Xbox and 360 games is a remarkable feat and hits your nostalgia if you are a old school gamer. I bought games like RDR, GTA 4, Complete Splinter Cell series, KOTOR 1 & 2, Dead Space series etc. again despite owning many of them on Steam so I can play them sitting on a couch on a big TV. There is a certain one console to play them all feel here, which sadly Sony can't offer and doesn't care unfortunately about. I was missing my PS3 a lot ever since selling it in 2012, hence after selling my PS4 last year, I actually bought a PS3 again to play some of those old games like Motorstorm, Killzone, Metal Gear, Resistance series etc. that I loved and cherished. Its hard to explain the love of old games, not every gamer thinks that way these days. With Xbox One X being the superior console in almost every third party game with better resolution and graphics , and the same continuing this generation as well mostly, I jumped station and bought a Xbox Series X ahead of PS5 this generation, my gaming laptop with a GTX1060 was outdated as well. I'm more than happy to wait for PS5 digital edition to come later on and hopefully with drop in price once the chaos is over or even a PS5 Slim in a couple of years time to play my big PS4 library of games. Deep down I'm still a Sony fanboy and probably will always remain to show true colors if pushed by Xbots , but overall I have outgrown this console fanboy brigade and learned to truly appreciate and respect both Sony and MS on what they each offer and bring to the table to entertain us.
  9. ok, changing region again and again is not a issue right in regards to your a/c? Could u try buying Spec Ops and see if it works ? This way I can decide to buy Oblivion again in future maybe. There are some games which are weirdly priced in Indian store, some of the older games like Mad Max, even on sale its 1.9k when its much cheaper in US around 10$ , I already suggested customer support to fix prices of some of these old games but they haven't yet..
  10. How does buying from US Store works for 360 games, can u still play those games on Indian a/c with no region change etc on console? I bought Ryse Son of Rome from US region , that worked fine. I had a issue with buying Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion with few DLC's , bought a 10$ US gift card and then bought the game even, later the product didn't say I owned it even though it was showing in my library , maybe as that game is not available in India region I presume. I later had to refund it.Spec Ops the Line is same, not available in India region.
  11. 7th Mar, so next day delivery on 8th he said. Asked him again, if he is getting earlier stocks, but he asked MS and they said no. I had already paid for it unfortunately by the time it came on amazon that night, I saw it in stock in morning, still couldn't buy it. Dammit. Still happy to grab it still , better late than never.
  12. Good to hear that bro. Happy so many others finally got it as well tonight. Pity Amazon couldn't list it a day earlier, still happy that I'm getting it from somewhere none the less. Hoping prepaidgamercard can get the stocks sooner like Amazon did.
  13. Finally ordered the Xbox Series X from prepaidgamercard , 7th Mar stock coming as per Kumar the owner. Hoping to get it finally.
  14. Atleast the PS5 is being listed on Flipkart, Series X is nowhere to be seen. Few days ago even I got to the payment page for PS5 even though I'm not looking to buy a PS5, by the time I could even enter cvv its out of stock, impossible to get it with the bot spamming going on.
  15. What happened to new stock coming on PS5 launch date in India as per the IGN article, don't see any action still. The wait continues...
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