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  1. Series S looks cool.I hope they launch a disk version of Series S as well for 50$ more etc, perfect for back compatible collection users who still want to have a PS5.
  2. Yo Ragzy I'm good , got busy with work and life too much. I hope you're still as sharp as before with head shots This price reveal standoff is so frustrating, only two months left and still only rumors everyday.
  3. Fake 4k all the way lol. Although i'm looking to buy a Xbox for the first time in my life, as gaming laptop is getting outdated, looking to get a One X or wait for that cheap Series S. Good to see you hope , damn i missed this smiley. :p
  4. Haha, hey CC, I have been away for far too long, miss the good old PS3 days here. Those were the days... Good to see so many are still here.
  5. Cool, now hoping every PS4 game is backwards compatible and if possible with enhancements, need my library 100% working.
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