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  1. Those of use fortunate enough to have a good a/v set-up, make it earn its keep by screening The Batman. It’s not a very good movie overall, but damn if it won’t make you glad you could experience it in a good setting. It is gorgeous, Gotham-ic, and super filmic. One of those showcase things. If you think it looks great on an OLED display, try it on a calibrated projector and screen set-up. It will physically arouse you. If you’ve got a sub too, it will make you cum. It has a beautiful bass track, which Prime Video usually up samples a bit, so for a more crisp experience dial the level down a notch. Pick the earliest possible time you can screen it, get on it now. This should be your priority in life. I’ll be getting the BD.
  2. Holy sh*t, that's a lot. And surely true. Thanks. Still, doesn't really change what I took from the show: goddamn Indian rockstars.
  3. Yeah, I could see it being engrossing if you're having a weekly dose. But I do think they needed another episode to end this season. The thing about Kubrick movies is, that they are movies. And sometimes even they felt too long. A nine episode show which really went nowhere for 7 episodes just didn't do it for me. Still, I would've found this much better if the end justified the means. That end was really not satisfying. I guess this is me having blue balls
  4. Severance is a gorgeous, supremely well-shot and well acted cure for insomnia. It is glacially slow. Though maybe even the glaciers are melting faster now. I should've seen it coming. No one can have such incredible production values with one season in mind. Eh. Avoid. Read the synopsis. It has potential. And maybe watch the first episode to gauge the world and the weirdness of it all. As a season one television show it fails miserably. 3/10.
  5. Absolutely loved Rocektry. Story of the man I’d never heard of before, Nambi Narayanan. Madhavan nails the acting and the writing, though a bit lacking in direction. Genuinely grateful that more of these inspiring stories of Indian super humans are coming about, like rocket boys, Mission Mangal, etc. Meagre resources, no support, and looked down upon. Yet they surpassed all expectations. Truly inspiring in capability, character, and situation handling. An exceptional human, and a super patriot. In awe. That test engine fire sequence was goose-fkn-bumps. Just watch it to re-instil belief, if you ever lost it, of Indians being capable of the absolute best. And a sad reminder of how undervalued ambition is in this country. Even today.
  6. My god man. Where and when? By all means, do share.
  7. That was my bad. I knew I should’ve gone back in and edited. I also read on how Aronofsky worked with the Kronos Quartet and nearly made them lose their minds Haunting and wondrous is apt. I’ve been listening to Summer Overture since. B.e.a.utiful.
  8. Have had that for as long as I can remember. An undesired side effect of hypertrophied femoral adductors. You need lubrication and/or a cloth barrier. Any non-sticky moisturiser should work. There’s anti chafing creams with cycling specific websites but I haven’t needed to try those. For barrier, boxers normally and tights during workouts.
  9. Every once in a while a thing comes along, that categorically shits on all our expectations, knowingly, with a smile. Requiem for a Dream is one such thing, and it came along last night in our life, and slapped our minds with pure, joyous art. How can it be so good, with so many things wrong with it? A movie should have pacing. Absolutely. It must. But Requiem just floats about, like a paper boat on a flooded street, seemingly without direction. A movie should have a clear story. It should, absolutely. But Requiem plays about with the narrative, making it near invisible. The story did not matter. A movie should have engaging dialog. It really can't be a movie without it. But Requiem dialog is usually horseshit. Requiem doesn't do anything it's really supposed to, and yet it drew me in from the innocuous first scene with the TV, the trippy, background score, the Snatch-esque overused montage of visual cuts and sound effects, and kept my attention rapt till the absolute credits. (It's only Snatch-esque because I watched Snatch movie earlier, both came around the same time, two months from each other in the year 2000). A trippy, almost lucid experience, Requiem is a complete vision. It is of its kind, and it is fully of its kind, without adulterations. The performances, each of which are exceptional, are the soul of the movie. It couldn't be what it is, without all these pieces falling in place in the exact manner that they have. Get a lonely night, get comfortable, get high, put this movie on, escape reality. That would be one of those evenings you won't soon forget. 3. No orgasms. Darren Aronofsky has made a cool piece of art. 9/10
  10. He’s just golden. Good with everything, but yeah, a more fun bad guy. He was awesome in knives out. Is it too bad that I haven’t seen it?
  11. The Gray Man was quite stupid, dispensable, usual, sombre, ridiculous with creative action, and fkn boss. Or, in other words, exactly what I was looking for last night. You could watch it completely without dialogs and you'd not have missed much. The action was good, not great, and movies like Atomic Blonde and John Wick with their precision and cleanliness have me spoiled, though this does get more creative at times. The first action scene with 4 was my favourite in creative execution, and the Prague shootout was all levels of boss. Also confirms my game theory that the grenade launcher is the best handheld weapon of all time. And just how good is Evans. Man. The movie does not work without him.
  12. A good trainer is quite valuable, and can transform your future health, fitness, and wellbeing. In India, in good faith, I can recommend a K11 certified trainer. See if your gym has one and take them on for 12 weeks. Do not commit, so you can opt-out after 4 weeks. But if you see value, stick for 12 weeks. Not just injury correction, but scientifically true and efficient training mechanisms, leading to steady improvement and future injury prevention.
  13. ^what is the last episode date? Will start the season then. Have avoided all discussions, trailers , videos etc till now. My absolute favourite show of all time. The average quality surpasses BrBa.
  14. Not enough time for surgery recovery, I guess? It does get better in later episodes. Herogasm had some pretty obvious cuts. A blemish on an otherwise epic episode.
  15. The Exorcist (1973) We watched it completely baked so I might have not remember some of the smaller things like characters' names, but the movie hits. Even today, the creativity of the makers shines through. You'd realise that the demon or devil possessing would behave in a cunty and cunning way, and the kid's performance was on goddamn point. It's funny, sometimes scary, and the entire film moves on with very little needed dialog. Whatever dialog there is, is also quite mundane. And yet it tells you so much of the characters, their relationships, and the world. We have a tortured, unbelieving priest, a badass OG priest, a loving mother, and others. The performances, specially the child and the mother make you believe that that's actually happening with and to them. Also credit to the makers, extracting that from a little child couldn't have been easy. The ending, the absolute last five minutes of the movie don't really work, and feel like a wrap-up job. Watch it if you haven't yet, only if to see how skinny some of the other, more modern horror movies are. 7.5/10.
  16. He's the Goddamn Batman on court. Or Captain "I can do this sh*t all day" America.
  17. Bring it, esé Oh, what have they done to poor starlight's face? She was so cute.
  18. Yes. Two episodes in and the tone, pacing, and humour feel on-point. Did they change makers or something for s2, because that was quite a stinker. Also liking the McKay-esque satire
  19. Hmm k. Will try a couple of episodes. That cvnt needs to enunciate.
  20. Seeing the hype here I went in and watched S2 and found it quite uninteresting. Boring and stupid actually, in most parts, and not good stupid, like TSS or GoTG. Do I take a chance with 3?
  21. Can you please explain this part? How would Infinia fare in this comparison?
  22. Ah. Didn't know that. Now that I think of it, TGM does have an Oblivion-y vibe to it. The movie has its faults though. It's a bit ham-fisted and the dialog is super-cringe in some places, but the overall experience is sublime. It's also very different to the first one. This one is too... Tom Cruise all the time. And the music is forgettable compared to the first one. He has such acute precision now and has absolutely absorbed what works. He might be the biggest star of all time. Deservedly. I mean, imagine sitting on one of your greatest creations, this movie, and not being able to release it due to the pandemic. Man.
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