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  1. Someone was eagerly waiting for sony's quarterly result
  2. And just to think that all this JK stuff started frm an innocuous nothingburger tweet of hers.
  3. Legend avesh getting thrashed by one handed batters too.
  4. Shitstream engine thrown in the trashcan. Future games on Unreal 5 & no SP campaign/focus in future titles. A premier flagship title for a platform holder running on a 3rd party engine must be a new low for xbox studios.
  5. Is that from the show? 😂😂 Looks more like some parody from angryjoe video.
  6. JRR Tolkien was credited for lotr. He came out of his grave, flew to NZ and helped PJ make the classic trilogy.
  7. They'll get nightmares from episode 3 itself.
  8. Philnochio Should start a film review channel on yt. Might give a run to KRK.
  9. Off course they will, how else will the jobless folks at microshaft game studios write an internal document again stating it sets a new bar in console gaming.
  10. Ports cause it's the safest. Maybe ent too depending on what they do with the fpo on monday. Power is another decent bet.
  11. Will start buying if it goes 5-10 down on monday. Will wait if if lits LC.
  12. Their own projection predict another decline this financial year.
  13. The only reason to boycott the title is if it's a bad game. So far everything they showed looks by the numbers but unless we get hands on impressions you never know.
  14. Massive fall in HW sales despite it being a holiday quarter and series S dropping to 200+$ with extra goodies + zero shortages + killer app titles like scorn, high on life etc All iz bell. Sab changa si. Pappu Spencer to go on another studio acquisition yatra soon.
  15. Everything starting with luminous should be burned to ground at SE. it's such a cursed thing for them.
  16. Company management is the easiet of their minigames so far. Just look up a yt video if you want on what to do during shareholders meeting. Rest is most just on autoplay.
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