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  1. Virat bhai....gyan mat, bowlers ko pelo.
  2. 36. The artful escape. Another quick plat with around 3~5 hrs of gameplay. Gorgeous visual style and soundtrack but nothing more.
  3. Just played this little gem called "last day of June" from the catalog. Wanted to play this since long as I loved the creator's previous game but never got a chance. It's a short 3~5 hour title about a couple & an event that occurs in their life. The game is basically the husband re-living that moment over and over again but through the eyes of different members of his small hamlet and trying to change the course of events by their actions. Game makes you teary eyed during the climax and the payoff is absolutely worth it. Very very highly recommend.
  4. - free to join - get rewards by completing campaigns/activities/trophies etc. - loyalty points can be redeemed (for PSN wallet funds for example) - digital collectibles, including iconic characters "from games and other forms of entertainment" (Confirmed they are not NFTs - See Threadmarks) - launching later this year - PS+ subscribers will earn additional points to spend in the PS Store - redeemable: standalone games, DLCs, collectibles + more in the future - monthly check-in campaign - unique special reward for the first player to get a platinum in their region
  5. Well here some good news for people who want to watch kratos in action.
  6. 35. Black mirror. Decent 90's style adventure game. Interesting story but has a lot of jank.
  7. Scam 2022 script right here.
  8. Hooda is not 360 player like sky. Only other one is this lineup who can play like this is KL Rahul but he always holds back for some reason. Still would play Hooda over shreyas any day.
  9. One of the greatest t20i innings by an Indian batter.
  10. Nope. Loading times are improved but there is still a lot of them compared to miles. They improved the tech in that game esp when going from exterior to interior areas and day night cycle shift.
  11. No. 34. Telling Lies. Not as good as the director's previous game and can be extremely boring at times but it's a quick & easy platinum.
  12. Rahul takes that spot. Ishan doesn't look like he belongs in T20 internationals currently. Problem with Rahul is that he plays extremely selfishly & just for his place.
  13. Poor atreus.
  14. No 33. Spiderman. Had just one trophy to collect since I played it on PS4 during release. Ps4 saves didn't carry over so played & completed it again. On completion realised I needed to 100% the game again to get that final trophy.
  15. Hmmm......Strategic decision with key partner. Acquisition incoming?
  16. That kind of CG trailer is generally shown just before release. So they def must've delayed the July/aug release date.
  17. Don't lose hope guys. A couple of early wickets today and we still can win it.
  18. Gave 50 runs too many but from 90/5 at day one will take this. Hopefully they don't mess it up like WTC final.
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