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  1. All Radical does post random tweets from Twitter. Lol
  2. Fixed for you.
  3. Horizon FW looks significantly better than PS4 version in every way but GoW R got some noticeable improvements but nothing to make it look like a nextgen game. I think Horizon FW looks better than GoW R
  4. Welcome back
  5. Assassin creed Odyssey and Valhalla combat better than W3
  6. It still looks cross gen game. It has some improvements over 2018 GOW but nothing major which is fine as its made keeping PS4 in mind.
  7. I keep getting notification that my pc ready for Win 11. Is it worth upgrading? Or wait more till all issues fixed?
  8. What he did to get perma ban? Smh
  9. Where's Adity/Comingle? Dont tell me he is ban again? Like perma ban?
  10. Most of us have game pass till 2024 thanks to Dollar deal. So idc when its announced
  11. Studios were acquired in 2018 and 19. Before that MS only had 5 studios.
  12. And why he so much worried about game pass users lol
  13. Last of us was 2 revealed in 2016 and was released in 2020. So Sony doing same and so as Nintendo with their new Metroid game i guess
  14. I will play SR and Plague tale on xbox plus plague on game pass. And Harry Porter and Gotham knight on ps5.
  15. Yes MS announces game way too early and get in trouble all the time when game gets delayed. Announcing Starfield release date last year was a mistake. They should keep their mouth shut till game ready
  16. Sony will troll and burn xbox by announcing 11/11/2022 release date for Ragnarok
  17. Birthday k din bhi trolling. Go take a break.
  18. So game development dont take time? You cant make high quality AAA games in 1 or 2 years Horizon zero dawn was in development for 7 years and so as God of war 2018. Xbox Studios were acquired in 2019 and Bethesda was acquired in 2020 and they already had existing deals when they were acquired. Im stating facts here no excuses here
  19. Idc about game exclusives or not. As a gamer i will have lot of games to play this fall. Saints row Harry porter game Gotham knight Plague tale 2
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