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  1. Bruh no way. I've seen too many Final Destination movies to let that thing be anywhere near my cavities.
  2. Come on now. At least leave the pandemic thread alone bc.
  3. All Survivor on first run is a bit overwhelming, which is why I dropped the rest to hard. Maybe on NG+ when you have enough health and crafting skills and stuff.
  4. I've set resources and AI on Survivor and everything else on hard. The enemies never ever drop ammo, and when you do find them in drawers and stuff, they're like 1 or 2 bullets. Missing headshots breaks your heart
  5. I don't think the game gives you more ammo if you're low, at least on hard and survivor. I've gone for like an hour with empty clip on revolver and shotgun before the game took pity and gave me one shotgun shell and was like..
  6. Nearly 200k cases worldwide yesterday, highest ever recorded. This is not even the second wave.
  7. There is ignore feature, but if someone quotes them you'll see what they posted. And if you added someone to ignore, chances are it's because of their dumb hot takes. So someone is guaranteed to quote them at some point
  8. You can also do aerial takedowns
  9. CarbonCore

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I just hope its not part of the main gameplay loop because it doesn't look intriguing.
  10. And then you have this
  11. CarbonCore

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I want to believe that its just an homage to that scene in Blade Runner and not an integral part of the whole game.
  12. Just realized this is on same day as new Paper Mario. lol RIP Ghost, maybe in August or something.
  13. LMAO carry on then. I regret stepping in the dogshit while everyone else avoids it I mean, what was the logic behind the jump from "imagine Sony giving this away for free with subscription (looking at full priced sales)" to "Y'all unpaid shills defending a corp hurr durr"?
  14. Divide 1000 by hz of monitor. The number you get should be higher than response time. If its lower then you're getting bottlenecked by response time. For eg 60hz panel has inherent latency of 16.66ms. But if your TV panel has a lag (or response time) of 20ms then your overall lag will be 20ms. For 144hz anything below 7ms is good. Anything above 7ms and you start seeing trail behind your mouse cursor.
  15. You can read the replies to that tweet. "stores aren’t allowing returns on the game because millions of copies are being returned"
  16. I know reading is hard but still read it again, but slowly this time (before Bunty and Bubli jump in with rofl emojis), and imagine if it was posted to show Sony's point of view when it comes to subscription services. Free is always good, but expecting everything to be free just because one publisher gives away their shitty stuff for free is really stupid.
  17. The fact that Batman was locked to 30fps even on PC at launch was incredible
  18. Imagine giving it away for free as part of subscription day one
  19. Yeah I feel like current gen didn't even start properly until 2016-17. Everything was crossgen crapola, which I remember people hated back then, and somehow calling it 'consumer friendly' now This next gen is off to a great start though, with first year of PS5 alone sh*ting on everything we had for PS4 in 2013-14.
  20. They can only dictate what their first parties can do. Don't think Ubisoft gives a sh*t about 120 or even 60fps. Dirt 5 is confirmed 120fps though.
  21. There are lots of spoilers on last few pages with encounters and level names and type of enemies in later half, but I guess those are OK compared to very vague hints.
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