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  1. I meant the next-gen version of RDR2. It'll depend on individual publishers and I expect most of them will do this, except Rockstar. Watch them gouge people for full price again even though current gen version is perfectly playable and could be patched on next-gen systems. Don't think Sony will actively disallow other publishers from giving free updates, they've been doing crossbuy thing for nearly a decade.
  2. Straight up RDNA 2 and not RDNA 1 with custom RT cores tacked on like everyone thought. MS going for the kill.
  3. That's fairly common. 200mhz is basically its sleep mode. Even if you so much as move a window or scroll down in Chrome, it'll wake up and jump to 2ghz. If you want you can set the fan curve manually to be more aggressive. Also the torture tests are designed to push it to maximum frequency/temps so don't worry about it. If it reaches 95c it'll throttle down. I've seen it cross 80 even on water, which is even more scary considering water starts bubbling at around 80c. Check the temps when gaming, if it stays below 80-85c then you're fine.
  4. New leaked screenshots https://imgur.com/a/ECHENYV
  5. CarbonCore


    PT is like the most remade game in Dreams. There's even a version where you get out and explore the town.
  6. And some people still think her STARS uniform with those stupid shoulder pads is most iconic
  7. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    Its amazing watching the meta shift based on PC input while console gameplay continues to be in the gutter. No one gives a sh*t about Last Word, LoW and even slug shotguns on consoles, and they continue to nerf them across the board. Glad I dropped the game when I did because it looks like the continuation of same sh*t.
  8. MS already said its 2x more powerful than One X, that's about 12TF.
  9. You could try BenQ EX2780Q. Its 35k so a bit over budget, but it basically ticks all the boxes. 1440p, 144hz, 5ms IPS panel, Freesync, half fake HDR and built in sub woofer. Most 60hz monitors are for content creation so you might not get Freesync or fast response times. The manufacturers all started putting gaming features in high RF monitors in last couple of years.
  10. 27" is 1080p/240 TN panel. I wouldn't recommend it over 32" model.
  11. Now if only it wasn't delayed by 14 days here.
  12. I'd actually suggest dropping 3k more on 2060S and get a decisively better card. 5600XT is great but it really shouldn't have been more than 22k. The BIOS update has also pushed many custom cards to its cooling limit so the OC headroom isn't the best.
  13. Since the retarded local AMD pricing struck again, the cheapest 5600XT is actually more expensive than cheapest 2060. Its a no brainer really.
  14. I mean 90% of launch games will be cross-gen including most if not all 3rd party games (except Godfall so far). But I dunno how that tweet turned into "see, same as Xbox.". That tweeter thread turned into some galaxy brain stuff with people cheering and serving fake crows
  15. People will lose their sh*t if Sony announces that all their PS5 first party games will be on PS4 as well until 2022. But I'm sure unbiased folks here will call it "consumer friendly".
  16. CarbonCore


    I've had the early access version since forever and the amount of stuff people made for it is already incredible.
  17. CarbonCore

    Metro Exodus

    I should grab the season pass while its on sale for $5.
  18. CarbonCore

    The Division 2

    Base game is $3 on PSN/XBL/Uplay right now. Talk about devaluation
  19. Not happening. As long as this cancer stays in sports games I don't care personally. That genre is so far gone down the sh*thole its hopeless.
  20. Hahaha yeah, of all the things Stadia got wrong, none of them would've mattered if it was at least like Netflix or Game Pass. Someone higher up somewhere looked at the Netflix model and thought "what if we make something similar but instead of streaming everything, make people buy individual shows at same price as retail blu rays. People love buying stuff outright that they can only stream." I doubt it'll survive long enough to come to India.
  21. Its for people like me who have an HTPC with AMD 2200G and keep postponing the upgrades forever and yet keep buying games from Steam/Epic sales. Its a moot point anyway because the chances of GF Now coming here is pretty slim.
  22. Nope none of those at my gym. On the flip side I did find this thing called 'landmine' that no one uses, and now I've found my safe alternative for barbell squats
  23. Think of juggle happy combat of DMC where you stun-lock enemies by keeping the combos going, except you "draw" different weapons and defense items on the fly. sh*t gets really hectic once you get in the flow. Also if you want Switch version it's better to pledge for $35 right now because its almost guaranteed to be at least $49 when it hits eShop.
  24. You can draw with right stick. In fact using the stick lets you build fast/complicated combos that are impossible with touch drawing.
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