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  1. Hello Putin. Nice try. But no thanks
  2. You are not buying neo qled? Also Kohinoor Baner, Pune is my go to appliance place. I once bought a washing machine from them which got damaged as it had to be carried from ground to 7th floor (the society had a stupid rule of not transporting appliance in lift while allowing lpg cylinder of same weight) The unit was replaced with no questions asked. I gifted a refrigerator to my parents and the model of the fridge got mixed up (same model but different variant). The issue was resolved in 2 to 3 calls. They tried to convince me to keep the fridge but I had a very specific requirement to not accept it and was replaced amicably. I get the best rates from them but the team at my nearby store has changed so no longer know who I am but they can give the most awesome and unbelievable rates some times.
  3. That is still a sizeable population. 8+ students can have a pandemic of their own. One kid can infect in double digits.
  4. With schools and colleges opening isnt the under 18 population at risk? I mean almost 40 to 50 cr u18 population is unvaccinated and add that to a lot of anti vax population. That population combined can have a 3rd wave on their own. Govt should not get ahead of themselves and focus on vaccination for under 18 population. They still have not started vaccination of under 18 even with zydus vax available.
  5. Super coin offer is on the main page. You gotta burn 200 plus coins. Why are you trying to buy today when a new sale is starting at midnight?
  6. No bro. I had zero trouble with this tv so far. The only issue i had was about the authenticity of the seller just like you are asking now. But i went ahead anyway since the same seller has listed a lot of popular models on flipkart.
  7. I didn't face any crash issue 🤔 Bro even i have bought from the same seller.
  8. I bought from the same seller. So far so good. Lot of banner listed deals on lg, samsung and other brand tvs were listed by the same seller.
  9. RD and VS dont have the 50 inch model. Either croma has or some other local store would have the 50 inch model. Or you gotta buy from Flipkart. Regarding the warranty croma guy made it sound like it is from samsung as he did not use the word extended warranty and instead said "3 saal ka warranty hai". 9500 ka figure i got from samsung website only. The difference between 50 and 55 inch is too much with 55 Inch price falling into Oled category.
  10. This coal thingy is temporary. Samsung has an extended warranty plan for 2 yrs extra @9500. But if you buy from croma you get the TV for 82000 after all offers and 3 trs warranty. Flipkart is offering 1 yr on product and 1 yr additional on panel. After applying all disc i got it for 74k (2k discount included against 200 flipkart plus point) Then paid by applying no cost emi which further reduced it to 68680. I have got my emi payment cancelled from icici pocketing the discount on interest. If everything goes as per plan then i am looking at a price of 68680.
  11. All this endless bull run ever gonna stop? I am getting scared looking at this euphoria. Have seen two crashes already and aftermath wasn't good. Just my time pass SIPs are giving 15% avg return. Not even been a year since i have started them yet. Oil,raw material, commodity prices, etc all are up at least they have some value. What spins my head is the endless crypto currency run.
  12. Icici only. Yes i guess cancel the emi conversion. Yeah i have told my sister to make the payment. This is the msg my sis got Dear Customer, EMI transaction of INR 68683 /- on your ICICI Bank Credit Card XXxx has been cancelled on 11-OCT-21.
  13. Spain is so boring. Avoid. Only fat people there. I enjoyed due to all that chorizo i ate and still came back losing weight.
  14. Dont have ps5 or XsX. No 2.1 cable and I am not sure if my laptop has 2.1 either. Ps:- my EMI of 68500 has been cancelled. Now what?
  15. My budget was less so went for Qn90a. Otherwise as per your post you seem inclined to get LG Oled. Dont worry about the wall mount. Get the table stand and buy wall mount for 1000 to 1500 bucks. Imho table stand would be much more expensive to source on the other hand wall mounts are available for a dime a dozen.
  16. I dont think so. Plus i dont have a 2.1 cable (if that's a thing) and i accidentally didnt check with the tv's 2.1 port i put the cable in a normal hdmi slot.
  17. For 4k it was showing 30hz i have a 1050ti laptop. 120 only with FHD. No other res had more than 75 or 60 otherwise. Above fhd only one setting had 60hz rest all were 30hz.
  18. So it shows 120p hz in 1920 x 1080. But my nvidia cp doesnt have too many options to select. The windows CP and Intel UHD graphics cp have the option to select 120p hz.
  19. Started watching it. Very slow start.
  20. Dont have a next gen console yet. Will be doing that PC thingy.
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