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  1. Hey Guys I was in the market for an ANC headphone (Bose/Sony). I find that Grabgear is offering some unheard of prices on gadgets. Are they trustworthy? Have you bought from them? Share your views, experience and advise, if any. Appreciate your help, cheers!
  2. Any recommendations for 55" TV under 50k range? Are Mi 5x, OnePlus any good? Need it for casual viewing and occasional gaming. Appreciate your help and inputs
  3. Have you had a look at HCL Tech? You could also consider Happiest Minds for long term portfolio.
  4. I have a HDFC card with 2.7L limit. I barely end up using 10-15% of it monthly. Lately the bank is bombarding me with offer to enhance credit limit to 7L. I dont really need the bump in CL. Should I take it up? what do you suggest I do?
  5. Given the diverse opinion, it can go anywhere - 35 or 70! Since you asked for the longer term, I see it can do well.
  6. Any particular reason you are looking only at Wipro?
  7. If you're ok with the volatility in short to medium term then you may consider it. Fundamentally, they have a business model that will grow and expand. Hyperpure can be a gamechanger for the stock if it is executed well. I'd still not put all my money at once, but allocate smaller tranches over time.
  8. Very helpful indeed, thank you!
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