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  1. Both Rahul seem to be crap, Dravid seems to be another passenger in the team he flopped as Indian captain too when he got almost a well built team, just played along. He was a great player and did great with India A team for sure, but clearly struggling here. and what is with Rohit Sharma how come he gets injured before every international series, rebuilding time begins and Dravid needs to take control.
  2. Highlights dekh raha?
  3. And not to forget quality has gone to sh*t, and it is no more an aspirational brand anymore.
  4. bhavesh kumar has totally forgotten how to bat time to look past him, he still gives runs at 6+
  5. Lol, ODI main bhi muh kala!! Kohli looks at Score caard, oh 50 ho gaya, Avg maintained hai, chalo chala jaye!! Rest be like chodo kya try karna, only Dhawan was thinking ki agla match kasie khelna hai, kuch to run banana padega re baba!!
  6. 25 lac main harrier mast hai, though safari has more features.
  7. Harrier or Safari? I see you are in Delhi, abse kam road tax hai bhai, maze lo zindagi ke!!
  8. Ya because it is one of the most rounded car today, I can't get myself to like that front, the new facelift with Tucosn grill looks better. If hyundai can keep the new Tucson priced at almost the same price ballpark as current one, I will pick the Diesel top end, the interiors look smashing, Diesel engine is very powerful, Should be the best possible way to sign off the IC engines before we make switch to EV as next car.
  9. Even bigger joke is him in playing 11
  10. Ya Karoq would have been perfect, Kodiaq is so expensive, but then it is well priced in it's segment. I really like the tata twins, but that Infotainment system is an eye sore, so tough to get osmething which is near perfect. If you really want to look at something near perfect, it has to be the Petrol Turbo Creta top end.
  11. Yes you are right, it is the expensive sibling Tiguan which is missing it. Surprising omission. That said so many cars, but nothing seems perfect. Jeep compass is one car which I completely love and think has all the check boxes when it comes to features, but then again it is so so expensive. Petrol variant is lacking power, diesel is freakin expensive, and rear bench is a little less. Waiting for the new Tucson
  12. Some one who owns a Vento from 6+ years I test drove the Kushaq and Taigun both, as we were looking to change car. The engine is a gem, steering is no way close to what it used to be, still OK. The interiors are wanting, hard plastics galore and don't think they have wireless android auto or carplay, it is wired (I might be wrong). But then again Seltos and Creta are hardly any good themselves, though they are loaded with features. I still need to drive the Creta turbo once. Check Slavia once, it has got good ground clearance for Sedan. The engine is good too.
  13. Rahul captain Kya joke hai
  14. Well said KC, Kohli had it coming, he has been acting stupid for too long now and some one please remind him India ended up winning the series in Aus when he was not around and one of the most famous victories ever. Lesser said for Anushka the better, I am glad this saga is over, and I won’t be surprised if he is dropped from T20 team soon, and with captaincy gone his place in test team will be of question soon too, he has been just average from last 2 years at best. classic case of a player thinking himself above the game and the administrators, wish RCB had dropped him too. Humility is a virtue which clearly seems missing in this couple, just busy going Gaga over reach other. Hopefully he scores some runs today and gets back to scoring runs, we really need Virat the batsman back.
  15. If you can't defeat them, kill them!! Totally unrelated to this thread!!
  16. You can check one plus 9 rt
  17. But then neither does Rahul, a little bit that he has in IPL holds no good for test. I think no one except Rohit, but Rohit should be kept away from red ball captaincy.
  18. Jadeja is probably the best bat we have had for a long time now in tests, i call him a batting all rounder now then a balling all rounder, he walks into team before any other batsman in current form, including Kohli.
  19. Kohli team selection might be questionable, but his test captaincy wasn’t. Phenomenal captain, though used to go overboard sometimes, last test as captain he would want to forget both for the result and his behaviour. Hope he gets back to scoring big as our batting looks fragile, no worthy replacement for captaincy in sight. I would like to go opposite to tide and how about making Jadeja the red ball captain, his place is sure, and he has always played with full commitment, Rahul is still not ready, forget captaincy, not even for opening.
  20. Kohli and gang should be punished for this behaviour, totally uncalled for and ridiculous sportsmanship, he should be angry on himself for playing two out of form players then on anyone else. if we lose this series today it is absolutely because of stupid team selection, how many times will bowlers bail you out. Rahul also needs to put his head down and concentrate on his batting, both the openers were crap in this match.
  21. Oh yes Siraj, totally forgot him. Good intent from SA, it's been a good series though!!
  22. True, he should definitely be rested, he still has one more innings of workload to take care of. Though the way we are batting won't be surprised if SA needs to chase less then 150. Ashwin also needs to be relooked, do we really need a spinner now Overseas, we are definitely missing jadeja, and if we have to play a spinner, Jadeja should always start ahead of Ashwin. This series has put that debate to an end. Mayank agarwal also has been exposed, and KL still needs to work hard, but should be persisted with. Ideally overseas this is how the team should look like now KL Rahul Rohit Gill Kohli Iyer/Vihari Pant Jadeja Thakur Shami Bumrah Ishant (Or let's find some one new)
  23. Thanks to Mr.Dravid Being spineless too, stupid team selection, playing 9 vs 11, and head coach sitting and going along. Dumb and Stupid. We might have lost out on a chance to win a series in SA just because of absolutely ridiculous team selection.
  24. and internet would have been flooded with Shastri memes if he was still the coach. If they just needed a puppet should have got Sunny Leone Instead.
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