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  1. Decent movie, a lot of references to old movies and a lot of fan service and also to What IF. Without getting into details would rate it 8/10.
  2. 6-7 in city?? Get your car checked for clogged air filter or fuel filter, Vento nwith same 1.2 TSI engine bloody gives me 10 - 11 on normal days and sometimes 9-10 in very bad traffic. 6-7 probably I will get if I keep it in sport mode and above 4000 RPM in city I Sa Slavia the other day, it really looked handsome from outside. Virtus might better it.
  3. First you get the visa
  4. But in all honesty tough to find anyone who can help, maybe talk to some agent. Go to some place where you don't need visa, maldives maybe, if i understand correctly wwhy this trip is being planned!
  5. His emotional reason is making many RCB fans cry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Tuk tuk kohli.. RCB mgmt needs to grow a pair and release him, in process freeing up 15 cr that can be used to buy some better players. who knows like other RCB players, Kohli might start performing in other franchisee or screw them over too.
  7. No more Kohli, he should just retire from T20, Rohit understanding now how tough it is to be a full time captain. He will still get to play this, it’s too late to get a new captain now. He should also retire right after tournament no matter the result. KL Rahul Rohit sharma SKY pant hardik DK Jadeja harshal chahal shami bumrah 3-7 all clean hitters.
  8. Lol can MI make it 14 in a row? Also good to see Dhoni bat like Dhoni of old!
  9. Congrats on the taxi brother!!! congrats bhai
  10. DK DK and Hardik making a strong point to make a comeback for WC
  11. Most probably or Munaf Patel πŸ˜‚
  12. which store did you buy it from, RD also had a 12K cashback on HDFC card. Congrats on the purchase, you will have a great time.
  13. Wait till Diwali mate, that is the best time and you get best price to buy!! I liked the Neo QLED also, but well blacks are blacks only on OLED, though the former gets really bright.
  14. Bc kya hitting, Cummins took his revenge.
  15. also hazlewood, though still a stupid decision to pay so much for hasaranga and not even bid for Chahal
  16. well that was UNEXPECTED!!
  17. 1.09 lacs after the discounts
  18. Ya saw the display it was f**ked up, picked up Samsung QLED 65Q70A on a very good price.
  19. I Know, people prefer touch screen over airbags, can't help man, just say good thought I agree, and move on. I only fight with my close friends or family, dont care about others.
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