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  1. https://twitter.com/1GBKF/status/1401119025032093697?s=19 See between the 3rd and 5th second. You can see how fast the crosshair moves
  2. I'm not sure how to explain this. I own a mi 4x 65" TV. I game alot. Games I'm currently playing is modern warfare, NFS payback, last of us. All of these games have a weird (high) sensitivity issue when moving from left to right. Whether it's warzone or last of us the crosshair moves too fast thus always narrowly missing the target. I tried NFS payback and the same issue when racing and steering the car from left to right, it steers a bit extra thus making my car go out of control. At first I thought it was the controller. So I sold the old controller and bought a new one. Still the same issue. Also, I used to game on a Haier 4k 55" TV before this and everything was perfectly fine. Infact, I thought the new remote was an issue we and to put my theory to rest, today I connected the ps4 to the Haier TV and everything was perfect with the TV and remote. I tried all 3 games and the aim and the steering was perfect. I was told to do a certain things. I have done the following. - tried game mode - tried monitor mode - turned motion smoothing off - turned adaptive Luma control off - turned local contrast off - set hdmi RGB range to full - turned off dynamic backlight. - reset the controller - reset the TV - even changed the motherboard of the TV I also see that in the main TV settings the Android security patch level is 5th January 2020, the kernel version is 4.9.118+ The build is PI.3591 What is going on here my beautiful people? This is driving me crazy. There is no input lag either. TLDR: TV has some weird sensitivity issue makes the joysticks seem extra sensitive. I assume there's some kind of extra motion smoothing going on thus making it seem terrible for me.
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