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  1. No idea, probably they did not wanted to invest time and money into stealth based game anymore. Assassins creed is their Cash-Cow now.
  2. Ubisawft just ruined Splinter Cell franchise, wish someone wakes up and starts to do something about it.
  3. SCL gaming is giving Zotac 3080 for 80k with entire build. Prices of 3070 and 3070Ti are 60k and 70k but these are all with builds. Without the build, there is prices gap of 2000 to 2500 bucks. 6700 XT is now selling from 60k onwards, so it is a bit better scenario than before but it should come down further with the next gen GPU launch around the corner. I personally see 5900x or 12700k as better CPU, from both gaming/streaming and workstation perspective.
  4. Do you have GPU's in stock at better prices than before.
  5. I care less about this but more power for the gamers, we all have PS and XBox and PC's so eventually we all will play the games but having bough the Game Pass myself for 3 years. If all the IP's are for free, then GP users are in for a treat.
  6. I guess this is old news but still it is a news. https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/5/22868704/ubisoft-plus-xbox-launch-rainbow-six-extraction-xbox-game-pass If all Ubisawft and Activision titles come to GPU, it will be kickass and Sony may have to launch something as a counter attack. The only exclusives they have now are Ghost of Tsushima and Spiderman. Exclusives like God of war 4 and Uncharted have made their way to PC already.
  7. @Gtek Do you have any new deals or if there has been a price-drop in GPU's ?
  8. For those of you, if the app is not working the game can be had from their Website too. Tried it myself and its working, was able to add the game. The App is still down.
  9. Epic store is down, have been trying since 9.30 PM IST.
  10. Swunkjyn


    My Addiction does not seems to go away with this game.
  11. Swunkjyn


    I have been playing this game only, like almost since it was lauched and it is addictive. The more times you play the game and escapte from Hell, the real story unfolds. Great game. Currently playing on heat 12.
  12. Does not works on DLC but works on all games above 1099. You will see it in the checkout page.
  13. I guess you forgot the Samsung Odyssey G9 - Super Expensive 5K @240 Hertz Monitor with QLED. IIRC its for 1.5L and I have seen its colors in person. Its a beast of a monitor, both in performance and price.
  14. Have not heard of 2K Ultra Monitors. Mostly its - 29 Inch - 2560 x 1080 (This is a very weird resolution - My Opinion) 34 Inch - 2560 x 1080 or 3440 x 1440 35 inch - 3440 x 1440 38 Inch - 3840 x 1600
  15. Kya baat kar di Sirji, I am a proudful owner of this Monitor - https://www.amazon.in/LG-Ultragear-27-inch-Compatible-Monitor/dp/B07TD94TQF Works great with Laptop and One X. I did not test it with Display port but HDMI - 4K@ 60 Hertz for One X and PC or 100 Hertz on HDMI with PC.
  16. Still better to buy a single game as per purchase there is 750 coupon limit. Buy one game and get another. Yeah if there are cheaper games then adding multiple games is also a good option.
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