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  1. https://www.pcgamer.com/doom-eternal-speedrun-world-record-squeezes-under-40-minutes/ How is this even possible?
  2. I have unlocked the hot swapper (suit upgrade). Is there a way of making it even faster?
  3. @STICK3Rboy That 2nd video is so damn leet. However, marauder is seldom alone. He is always surrounded by some other demon that tries to nibble your health away. Which stage is that?
  4. The main issue I am presently facing is that in the heat of the battle, I sometimes forget that I can throw nades, flame for armour and use freeze. Also, I would have loved a quick switch button, say q (2 weapon binds). You can keep scroll up and down for balista and SSG though, but it screws up weapon switches during a tense firefight. This game requires specific weapon types for specific enemies, but when they throw everything at you concurrently, it gets difficult to optimize the switch. Some tutorial to do this effectively would be epic. Also, the ammo count is so damn low, and inventory management is so darn crucial, sometimes it tends to get a tad excruciating.
  5. I wonder which mouse is he using? That video made me want to try speedrunning. He lands all his rockets like a dream. Generally Arachnotrons tend to dodge rockets when shot from a distance. Plus he is using flamebelch perfectly
  6. @STICK3Rboy I cant get enough of that gameplay video. He seems to be playing on a mortally challenged level. His play through seems to be faster than normal DE speeds. Is he using some suit mod, or some unlockable perk that you get after beating the game, or something? Also I would love to see how he tackles the Marauder charging towards him.
  7. ^ Now Im feeling bad. It aint doom, if you aint playing like this . This video epitomizes how the game is meant to be played. It looks as if the actual Doom Slayer is working from home
  8. Holy hell. what sorcery is this?
  9. Is it just as fast and frantic, buttersmooth 60fps?
  10. Doom Eternal, I reckon is one of the most IMPORTANT game(s) for first person shooting genre, apart from being insanely fun. Movement, momentum and insane speeds are absolutely essential to enjoy this game/beat this game at higher difficulties. Doom has put fun back into FPSes. It has totally resurrected the genre. I hate it when shooters try to mollycoddle you, like most modern day shooters. Doom Eternal improves FPS skills as well. I mean modern shooters dont have concept of circle strafing, platforming, jump strafing, which are absolutely essential when you have a coliseum full of demons baying for your blood. And many of us have become so accustomed to such mechanics, we have forgotten what made games challenging and fun in the first place . This video is so profound at so many levels. Even masterpieces like Half Life (1, 2 and its episodes) were fast, and had elements of movement, momentum, platforming etc that were crucial for survival. I really hope more modern games take cues from the rebooted Doom Franchise. BTW, I havent played Rage 2 yet, so I was pondering if it is similar to the rebooted Doom franchise? can someone throw some light on its gameplay? I was planning to pick it up next. Worth playing? PS:- Doom Eternal should have a tagline, frag like its 99
  11. The most irritating thing about Marauders is that they dont have a health bar, and are somewhat more difficult than boss battles as well.
  12. Wow!!! Respect to you sire! Total damages please? (if you can reveal that ) Also, why did you choose oculus over index? (I am assuming that cost was not a factor as you are building a PC after 20 years)
  13. Interesting. Also, this is a VR only game, so the audience/reach is extremely limited/niche. I believe this would atleast match/surpass HL2's ratings in few years. Also, where is Doom/Doom eternal in this list?
  14. How effective is BFG against superdemons like Hell Barons, Arch-vile etc?
  15. Reminded me of Q3A intro!
  16. Just how damn cool is this
  17. Actually platforming has added a lot of verticality to the game. I mean you can approach a battle via so many different strategies. I believe this game is much more than just running and gunning. Many times, I had to chart out the exact approach to a particular battle scenario. This is akin to a game of chess IMO. Also, some stages remind me of arena shooters. I absolutely love arena shooters. Add 60fps and fast movement to it. Man I am so in love with this game. I think if someone is skillful enough, he/she can rocket jump through levels as well
  18. I have read that later levels are really intense. How intense are they? Can you gimme an idea sans spoilers ofcourse The only thing I despise about inventory management is that BFG doesnt have enough ammo. Just when you need it, you are left high and dry. Also chainsawing doesnt fill it up. We need more BFG ammo for absolute rampage
  19. Killing him inside the Arc Complex is easier. I finished him in the first attempt with the rocket launcher and the super shottie. Actually, you can splash damage him as the level is a closed space. I could not even enjoy glory killing him as his carcass just flew away like a projectile :p However, in Taras Nabad, I am finding him much more difficult as the space is so damn open. I shot 3 rockets, 3 damn rockets right into him, those rockets hit him like those airplanes hit the WTC, yet he didnt die. Plus, cacodemon (absent in the Arc Complex stage) eats away a lot of your health in the beginning. Any tricks to take care of him in this chapter?
  20. alternate between the ballista and super shotgun. (also, shoot the dog first )
  21. Doom Eternal on the PC. Loving every moment of it. Rip n Tear!!
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