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  1. Part II will take time.. Neel will now dive into NTR's next and then it could be either KGF3 or Salaar II
  2. Man, the Ubisoft+ is still not working for me on Xbox
  3. Saalon, Sankranti aagaya ab tak Secret Santa chala rahe ho..
  4. Nov and Decembe, I never ever plan vacation with long weekend combined, every place will be crowded af, traffic on roads if a road trip, overpriced stays etc. Typically my vacations are in Nov-Dec where I block good 2-3 weeks and pick weekdays for travel..
  5. Amazing Demo !! Looking forward to play the full game
  6. If the station also included then 90 CAD seems too good to be true
  7. Finally!! Get rid of your old controllers.. CEX is paying 3,400 cash or 4,400 voucher
  8. Damn, must be some internal error then but even on Web..
  9. clicked that but doesn't let me to download the application.
  10. Anyone using Ubisoft+ on Xbox? Not getting option to download the app or buy the subscription on the console
  11. Also third time is a charm ? Let me try !
  12. am sure the pundits in Team BHP will ask Chatgpt whether this was written in ChatGPT
  13. Haha nothing urgent, but wanted to comment in that rodent thread..
  14. Can someone get me a TeamBHP ID by writing a good essay there ? Have tried twice in the past and failed
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