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  1. Gonna try in the evening in one of the US sites.. https://www.gamestheshop.com/God-of-War-Ragnarok-Launch-Edition-for-PS4/6248#6249
  2. Lol day 1 GoWR trial ?? Not gonna happen
  3. You all should get R* Table Tennis Xbox 360 game.. it runs so well still and super addictive.. The 1-1 MP is such a stress buster.. have beaten @El Tigre Chino 50 - 0 games till date
  4. I think LOU2 is the last proper Collectors Edition pre order happened in India.. Horizon came very late after launch..
  5. Tomorrow 10 AM
  6. GTS is obviously disc and even digital pre-orders gonna start tomorrow. But I really don't get the digital pre order, one can just buy it when the pre-load is up, why simply park the money with PayStation..
  7. Collectors ka bhi ????
  8. Stay at it, get the first Boss and then your confidence will go next level.. see the health bar in below image you can go that much OP in the game later on and show them who the real boss is..
  9. Annapurna having a quite day at work I guess..
  10. Just Sub it, Get the Langar. STRAY alone is worth imo if you just want to sub it for a month..
  11. This will be a proper AAa Indie game like Kena, Next week this time
  12. Had bought this.. but do check whats there now.. Advancing Gene M.2 NVMe Heatsink... https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07ZKQZD45?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  13. Go with SN 850 been using that since a while no issues.. and certified by M Cerny himself !
  14. Lol tera luck bhi na It was literally sitting there for hours.. DM your cell number if you don't mind will alert you next time
  15. Talk about pussies...
  16. wait for the next drop ideally.. Digital is anyway rare and resale would be even rare..
  17. when buying imported stuff from MX2 make sure you first whatsapp him and check if the stock is in hand.. The import stuff simply say 2-6 days delivery but nothing happens.. Recently one of my friend ordered the PS5 faceplates then he asked for refund as he kept saying stock has not arrived... Refund was done swiftly which is good but could have avoid the entire hassle...
  18. Welcome to ELITE club
  19. No resting, but you can breathe.. Muscle memory at peak now, time to finish the fight..
  20. Kratos in Returnal, don't you want to see that
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