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  1. Saw Vikram on hotstar. I think it's one of the best action movies in Indian cinema. The best part is the soundtrack, man, i just can't get it out of my head and catch myself humming. With a good sound system, the movie is spectacular to watch. Very much grounded in some parts (especially the investigation scenes), and very filmy in others(especially the action sequences), it's a treat for fans of action cinema. Only gripe is that Kamal is there for only like half the movie, although the other actors do make up for it. But even in that short duration, his performance is top notch and maybe the current gen actors can learn a lot from him. ps: didn't know this is a sequel to an old movie with similar name, so that was a neat little surprise(although i haven't seen the older movie).
  2. In chapter 5 and I feel the game is actually tough even on lower difficulty settings. Quill hardly has any moves and has to depend on the rest of the team members to survive/win , and has to keep waiting until their meters refill. Apart from that, the voice acting is good and the story seems interesting as well.
  3. No idea about zotac cards, but check if you need to upgrade your psu (if it's of lower wattage).
  4. Thanks guys, it shows out of stock everywhere but here. So, i was a bit sceptical. Also, he's selling Indian version right ? Under warranty ? Anybody successfully purchase from that site here ?
  5. Hi guys, anyone ordered a Xbox series x from prepaidgamercard website ? The delivery date is showing currently as sometime in aug, wanted to know if it's legit and if it's under warranty console ?
  6. Ne0

    Gotham Knights

    I liked the trailer Seems very similar to Arkham games though.
  7. Ne0


    Have you played the previous game - dishonoured from the same publisher? Even then, the gfx was pretty average, gameplay is where it stood out. If it's anything like that, it would be an awesome game to play !!
  8. I've 3060ti, the card is good for 1440p, at 4k, games like cyberpunk would start slowing down to below 20-30fps with all bells and whistles turned on. My main gaming monitor is LG 32" qhd , so I'm happy with it. But if you're looking at 4k/60fps, maybe look at 3080/3090.
  9. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Witcher 3 was more of an rpg, the open world was not the highlight of the game, and the previous Witcher games were pretty linear with very small open areas. Cyberpunk was advertised as an open world action game and the dev lack of experience clearly shows.
  10. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah even if you could chalk up #2 to the dev lack of experience w.r.t open world games, #3 was a huge letdown. You can literally play and complete the game without any of those cybernetics.... i would also add the leveling system/perk tree which mostly felt useless to me, like x% improvement, y% improvement etc, they could've done so many cool/intresting stuff with it instead, considering the game genre. I'm playing thru the second time, installed it a few days back, once you know all the shortcomings, its more enjoyable
  11. Let them bundle however they want, from a consumer pov, i don't understand why is it ludicrous to get stuff for free ! If it doesn't work out they'll stop it, until it's given, i think that, as a consumer one should simply enjoy the chips and the gamepss subscription that comes with it
  12. Are you implying that paying extra 70 bucks for something you don't need is better than getting stuff for free ?
  13. Yeah, i was expecting him to pull out his hammer anytime to save the world
  14. Saw 'Interceptor' on Netflix. A decent (albeit low budget) action movie. Not much of a plot, but decent action sequences kept me engaged even on a week night. Also, found out later that the leading lady is Chris Hemsworth's wife (was wondering why would that guy make a cameo in such a small budget action movie lol) !!
  15. What about games, the hud at the corners, aren't they static as well ? Anyway, thanks for all the inputs everyone, I think I'll wait until Diwali this year, maybe C2 would reduce in price once the upcoming Samsung OLED tv comes to market, or maybe x90k would've reduced price or something.
  16. OLED definitely looks much better, even in the showroom it was quite apparent. My concern is whether the extra cost (atleast 50k if I'm going with lg C2) , the OLED demands are worth it considering the risk of burn in (also read that neither lg nor Sony offers warranty for burn in).
  17. Looks like KGF meets Mad Max, Ranbir seems wrong for this, he has this chocolate boy image which is hard to shake off. BTW, watched - Acharya, felt like same old tried and trusted formulaic movie ! - Harder they fall , quite a good Western action movie. - The American, very chilled/classy movie starring George Clooney. Not much of a plot to write about, it's mostly about Clooney looking dapper thru the movie against the backdrop of exotic Italian locales. - Spiderhead, starts out well and builds a lot of intrigue initially, but i felt the plot twist was quite weak and the ending was quite average.
  18. Even i thought long ago that Bollywood is used for all movies made in India. I came to know it represented Hindi film industry from a Hindi/Bollywood movie called luck by chance
  19. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    No HDR, let me check the drivers once. Other games are looking fine though.
  20. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Installed it again just to check out the improvements of 1.5. started as a street kid this time around. For some reason the game is looking washed out in yellow. I've set everything to ultra, remeber the game to be much more vibrant when i played it at launch :-/
  21. I hardly use set top box. It's mostly ott. X90k should be in the 1.2 range i guess since it's LCD /LED ? I can wait for that, but are these better or inferior to the OLED offerings from LG ?
  22. Thanks man, will avoid it then, x95j is around 1.1L now, maybe lesser with cashback and all, worth it or better to wait for c2 ? Also as i know C2 is OLED, doesn't it have a shorter life compared to other led tv ?
  23. Guys, any idea if Sony Bravia full array led - x95j is better than x85j ? The difference in price is substantial. Wanted to know if it's worth the upgrade ? Also generally, are Sony tv better than lg in the premium segments (1L and above)? LG C2 is around 1.6L for 55", but the showroom guy said it's not up for display and Sony is always better in terms of PQ. Any suggestions ?
  24. Completed both seasons of Panchayat on prime video. Except for some bad language(gaalis) here and there, I found it to be a pretty relaxed/chill show. The ending of season 2 was a bit too gloomy compared to the tone of rest of the episodes though.
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