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  1. Can i complete Caria Manor before entering Raya Lucaria Academy ?
  2. Boss fights are much easier doing solo with some NPC/spirits then summoning CO-OP
  3. Is there any softcap on str stat.
  4. Dual wielding Lordsworn Greatsword and Claymore is awesome with Jump Attacks
  5. Defeated Godrick Time to loot rest of castle
  6. Accidently Killed Patches anyway to revive him
  7. Does class really matters in long run?
  8. Got my copy. How good is Samurai class in this game?
  9. Any chance of disc version coming soon in india or i should buy digital copy
  10. I was checking with soptloss and target price for GNFC shares
  11. Completed the game climax was so beautiful. got repetitive by the end like other open world games still this game gave me so many beautiful moments, hope next game would be little bit linear
  12. Almost at end of Act 3. Got little bit repetitive maybe going for platinum is making me feel this way. Still solid 9.5/10 game, would have given 10/10 if not for too many fox shrine/banners to collect. Always been fan of Samurai jidaigeki genre this one happens before edo period. Btw loved that quest where you get Ghost stance for the first time, Absolute Badass moment in the game.
  13. Wish Akiyama had his own Spinoff like Judgment series
  14. This Game is in Zen mode Absolute loving it Unpopular Opinion this game Open world is so much better then Witcher 3.
  15. Beautiful looking game. Rare occasion HDR looks great
  16. Thanks I couldn't find solution anywhere, bought it from in game and again had to download and install ps5 version
  17. Can someone point out to me how to upgrade ps4 director's cut to ps5 director's cut. Can't find it anywhere, there is normal base version to ps4 and ps5 director's cut.
  18. Similar to my xbox series x Amazon sent it without any packing, luckily box didn't have any damage
  19. Got my ps5 today. Drive looks in reverse position. does anyone have fan wobble sound when ps5 is lifted up from vertical position, it happens only on one side only
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