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lastAvenger's Feedback

  1. dharmilstar left Positive feedback   

    Great Seller. Recommended.

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  2. XeOn left Positive feedback   

    Amazin Customer

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  3. Tinbin007 left Positive feedback   

    freaking awesome and super win deal ... thanks bro ... gr8 seller n gr8 guy ... no worries in dealing with him at all ... one day shipping - sweeet ... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .... A+++

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  4. Tinbin007 left Positive feedback   

    gr8 guy , absolutely no problems in dealing with him , shipped the game on time .... gud on communications ..... will recommend .. A+

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  5. AtheK left Positive feedback   

    Smooth deal, highly recommended.

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  6. stormblast left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment & Excellent communication. Highly recommended.

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  7. bossplaya left Positive feedback   

    Good Seller, reccomended

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  8. navm left Positive feedback   

    Great seller. Prompt. Honest.

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  9. cyclops left Positive feedback   

    Excellent packing...fast shipping...Highly recommended

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  10. renjith left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction!! Go ahead.

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  11. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    very fast payment...excellent guy to deal with..like always :-) thanks bro!

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  12. wahi left Positive feedback   

    game in perfect condition, awesome deal!! thanks

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  13. ItsMeFiraz left Positive feedback   

    nice guy to deal with :)

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  14. ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ left Positive feedback   

    great seller ,item was in great condition,nice packing,highly recommended 10/10

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  15. Sumanth_Champion left Positive feedback   

    Very Good Seller. Friendly and trustworthy

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  16. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    smooth communication...really nice guy...got something exactly what i wanted....its been really too good dealing with him...thanks a lot

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  17. nameless left Positive feedback   

    Good Seller..got game in top condition..Would love to trade with him again

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  18. strategy left Positive feedback   

    No hidden costs , genuin seller, but a little idle!!

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  19. Fire Wolf left Positive feedback   

    10/10. Quick deal and payment, recommended.

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  20. reaper left Positive feedback   

    smooth deal .. met personally and got the deal done .. :) recommended.

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  21. shockwave left Positive feedback   

    Damn good seller. Excellent condition of the game. Very good communication. Totally recommended

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  22. sandeepnd left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Seller. He dropped off the DS immediately after purchase.

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  23. [email protected] left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Deal, Product as described. ++

    lastAvenger was The Seller

  24. renjith left Positive feedback   

    Excellent and smooth transaction

    lastAvenger was The Buyer

  25. The Heretic left Positive feedback   


    lastAvenger was The Seller

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