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List of Card Supported/Not Supported on PSN

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List of Indian credit and credit cards and work and don't work on Indian PSN Store
Working Credit cards
  • HDFC
  • ICICI (Visa)
  • Citibank (Visa)
  • Citi Bank (MasterCard)
  • Axis Bank (MasterCard)
Working Debit Cards
  • State Bank Of India/SBI (Visa)
  • Punjab National Bank (MasterCard)
  • ICICI (MasterCard)
  • HDFC (MasterCard)
Non-working Debit cards
  • ICICI (Visa, Visa Infinite)
  • Union Bank (Visa)
  • State Bank Of India/SBI (Maestro, Visa)
  • Development Credit Bank (Visa)
  • Axis Bank (Visa)
  • HDFC (Visa)
  • South Indian Bank (Visa)
  • Axis Bank (Visa)


Updated: 10th October 2014

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State Bank Of India (Maestro Debit Card)


Maestro band hogaye ab....SBI only gives Visa and MasterCard now....



AXIS Bank Debit card doesnt work (even though it gets added)




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guys please somebody conform again if hdfc debit card (mastercard) is working or not i try to use my friend hdfc debit card and its was not working for me but i am sure i must have make some mistake i only use debit card 1 time and i didn't remember the process compeletely moreover the card has no balance and it was never used in atm so if anybody is using hdfc mastercard please let me know thanks

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