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Coming today (likely after weekly reset)





The Elemental Crucible co-op event is about to begin!

Work together with other Travelers to shovel Elemental Clots into the Elemental Crucible to advance the alchemical process. After the alchemical transmutation is completed, consume Original Resin to receive bounties, including Character EXP materials, Adventure EXP, and more. Bounties will be calculated based on each Traveler's individual World Level. You can also obtain rewards such as Primogems, Character Ascension materials, and more by completing achievements in the Alchemy Handbook.

(Once the event has been unlocked, Travelers may open the event menu by pressing F5 (PC), tapping the compass icon in the top-right corner (mobile), or holding the L1 button and selecting the compass from the Shortcut Wheel (PS4).)


〓Event Page Requirements〓
Reach Adventure Rank 20 or higher and complete all quests in Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears

〓Event Eligibility〓
Complete Timaeus's quest One Giant Step for Alchemy?

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2 hours ago, quixote_1989 said:


Holy Shitballs!



If I want to ignore all the minutae and just stick to the absolute basics, is it going to be difficult to progress much? I am at that initial city, just recently got the "wing-glide" thingy.

First 20 adventure rank is basically tutorial.its mainly main quests.only after lvl 20 will the world open up..there will be lots of things to do but it continues to be fun because there are lots of exploration still left to do and puzzles to solve ...it won't be only about killing stuff..u can also  lvl up only by exploring,solving puzzles and opening chests ...also don't upgrade artifact's till lvl 20 ..only upgrade 4 impotant characters and their 4star weapons..u get better stuff after lvl 20

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4 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:

How long does it take to reach the level to start co-op? 


Co-op unlocks at adventure rank 16. Takes 10-30 hours depending on how fast you want to get there. 

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10 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:

Also, what happens when one person in the party gets overlevelled? 


Game has different levelling system.


Adventure rank - this is your global rank which only increases by doing quests/opening chests/upgraded statues. This doesn't increase just by playing or gain player experience.

Player level - this is via upgrading and ascending your characters. You have exp pages for this which you can get from most of the activities/chests. 

Battle pass level - this you unlock when you reach adventure rank 20. This system has its own daily/weekly/seasonal missions. Only these missions count towards battle pass. 


After X adventure rank you take ascension test to increase world level. Lower world level player cannot join higher world tier player. But higher can join lower tier.


Co-op isn't traditional co-op. You cannot do questing together. Only host can open chest in open world. However, you can co-op events/domains/bosses and everyone can get their own loot. Higher level player can 1-2 shot low level trash but really no advantage. 


For now co-op is very limited but I hope they change when big update drops next month. Questing co-op would be cool addition. 

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49 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:

Also, what happens when one person in the party gets overlevelled? 


I found the game to be boring when playing in coop :fear: 


It is fun working on getting all the elemental reactions by myself. 

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Glad you are enjoying the game. Think everyone I know who has tried the game has liked it very much. 


The game is just too good and being F2P is cherry on top. I would wish it was $60 game but whatever. I'll support them via battle pass instead as I already got like 100+ hours of worth which is 2-3x more than usual AAA games these days. The game is actual live service without being total live service trash.


The quality is also fantastic for a F2P game. AAA type. Everything is so well detailed and packed with content to do. Yes, you will run out of stuff around AR30+ but the game is going to keep updating every week/month with new stuff to do. Currently only 2/7 regions are out, part of ACT 1 is available. There is so much coming and everything will be free.


Downside is gacha but personally has not affected me nor I care about it. The 4 star characters are just as good if you build properly and play. You will also hit pity timer way before 90 rolls and that's not bad at all. Be smart, don't waste gems on permanent banners and only use them on limited time banners of characters you want. Try their trial as many times you want before wasting gems.


The latest character Klee is very good but she won't fit in my squad - hence no point for me to waste gems. I'm saving for next update where Zhōnglí or Xiāo or Childe will be available. This is not the type of game you want "all" the characters. That is simply never going to happen. Plus, it is also pointless as making the useful/upgrading takes quite a while. After level 70-80, you need lots of materials/mora/stuff to grind. Just have 1 main squad and 1 semi-decent 2nd squad if you run abyss. 




I still have lots of upgrade and will be doing the daily stuff till update 1.1 (2 more weeks). In meantime, new event coming tomorrow along with Mona's story (AR38). 



  • The Marvelous Merchandise event is available for a limited time.
  • Travelers can complete requests from Liben the merchant to receive a chance to open a Box o' Marvels.


  • The Astrolabos Chapter is about to unfold!
  • Travelers may use a Story Key to unlock Mona's story quest, the Astrolabos Chapter.
  • Travelers can obtain Story Keys by completing Daily Commissions.


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7 hours ago, dylanjosh said:

I got Dulic in my 2nd roll. Apparently he's super rare and really good stats? lol.  


But I like using Amber because she's an archer so I don't have another archer to replace her 




Invest every single resource into Diluc, hits like a truck and you will have zero regrets making him your main dps.

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Squad at AR37.




Cleared Abyss 8-3 yesterday but have to get few starts from floor 7 and 8. Will do them again when I hit rank 80 on Mona and Qiqi, they just dont have enough damage right now even at level 70 max talents. Ended up getting a lot of Xiangling dupes and has max constellation - so she is IN.


I ran

Diluc, Baraba, Kaeya and Amber team 1 - Diluc hard carries and gets all the resources from Barbara. Kaeya allows superconduct and Amber to get the extra 20% DPS bonus for two fire types.

Mona, Qiqi, Xiangling, Fischl/Venti team 2 - Max talent Mona can carry as DPS but is far behind Diluc. Xiagling, Qiqi superconduct duo :D



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Invest every single resource into Diluc, hits like a truck and you will have zero regrets making him your main dps.
I'm doing that already but I have to keep swapping him out

Light a torch? Need Amber
Environmental puzzle? Need Amber
Face that tall stone enemy (relic?)? Need Amber for shooting weak points
Face that elemental that's almost always in the air? Amber

Just hope I get another Archer

Rolled some more wishes. Got bidou and Barbara.

Reached adv rank 16 now
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Amber is good for the puzzles and also for those balloon planet chests. 


Last banner was easy to pull archer (Fischl) and she is very very good as well. 


You will get (another) Barbara if you reach adventure rank 20 before patch 1.1 (2 weeks from now expected)




New small event is live. 

Mona story live as well. Unlocks at AR38. 

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