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  1. Yep, most people say campaign is good z post campaign grind is crap
  2. dylanjosh

    God of War

    Lots of jokes in that poll. Gta5 lol
  3. MHA S5 done. Last arc was great. Hoping the villains make their move next season so we stop all this training and side stuff and get to the good stuff
  4. Does any one have experience with massagers? Neck, back. Any good ones?
  5. Selena Gomez and Steve Martin is not a combo I thought I would ever see
  6. I'm glad they kept Tank as the Opening. Its iconic. It feels like the show is going to be heavily stylized like Sin City or The Spirit
  7. Saw a clip of free guy on Twitter. Looked completely unfunny. Just references to other properties and no actual jokes. Is the whole movie like this?
  8. Watched 2 episodes of Midnight Mass. Pretty ok so far. I like the mood and atmosphere. Some of the make up work is bad though. The very old lady and the dad of the main guy are very obviously younger people in makeup.
  9. I don't think so. The episodes are not meant to be "complete".
  10. Think you need to give your acc details to someone with 3070 or up and they need to activate on their PC
  11. dylanjosh

    Bayonetta 3

    Weird of them to show the mobile port
  12. Damn US S1 was the only one I watched and I really liked it.
  13. Man, when I look back on GTA games. GTA-V was my GOTY at the time but something about CJ, Tony and even Niko made them way more memorable than any of the GTA-V characters. Anyone else feel that way? I guess Trevor is memorable, but just because he's batshit insane. Not really in the same way as the others I mentioned.
  14. Oh ok. I've seen instances where WWE wrestlers will go to a competing company but will take their brand with them too. I guess they have negotiate with WWE then and buy the rights or the new company will buy the rights or something like that?
  15. Cute Rots are waiting for you:
  16. So how do these things work in Wrestling? The rights to "The Undertaker" character is owned by the guy himself or WWE ? Can he do whatever he wants with it ?
  17. Love games like this. Saboteur had this. Even that PoP game that everyone loves to hate.
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