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  1. 5 hours left for 24 hr period to get over. 78m right now. How much more it will get to in 24 hours?
  2. Idk it looks too sleek and polished? Feels like some iOS update logo.
  3. This time tomorrow we will be discussing the trailer
  4. Yeah gameplay is too shallow. Got frustrated at some stealth part and then didn't play it again
  5. Started Persona 5 and abandoned it midway Started Plague Tale and abondaned that also midway Played Inside and finished it Now playing Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon
  6. Finished "Inside" yesterday. Genius game. Love the animations of everything, so smooth! The puzzles were the right amount of brain tickling but not being overly difficult. The ending is really weird and I'll probably have to read up on it to make sense of it.. Looking forward to their next game. It's been 7-8 years since Inside released
  7. https://twitter.com/DANNYonPC/status/1730742908762910790?s=20
  8. That said, GTA Online is also a factor. They definitely have a new online monetory component in place and definitely would want people to move to it as soon as possible
  9. Pc usually needs more development time so they release console version first, then pc version later. Plus they know people will double dip.
  10. ??????? If this is some Rockstar parody i don't think it will go well
  11. They're still not calling it GTA 6 which makes me worried it's gonna be GTA Infinity or some other live service like hub where all GTA will live
  12. Anyone here affected?
  13. What's even worse is that good talent leaves the studio when they're forced to make sh*t like this. It happened to Arkane also... We might never get old rocksteady back
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