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  1. Damm combat is looking really good! Unfortunately from what I've read the world outside Hogwarts is huge but sparse. Hogwarts itself is very detailed but sidequests kind of meh.
  2. Ohh man really glad it's getting good reviews.
  3. Gamepass for PC and gamepass for xbox are two seperate products. However if you buy "Gamepass Ultimate" then you get both.
  4. Meta predictions? I'm saying 82
  5. Nope. origins combat was really bad. Thank god we don't have that anymore. It gave you the feeling of two charcters standing next to each other, but not actually hitting each other. just playing animations while dice rolls in the background determined hits. Yuck. 🤢 That style works better with turn based combat.
  6. Finished Severance. Really good show overall. Final episode is great. The only complaint i have is sometimes the pacing is really slow. I end up fast forwarding. Tl like the parts with Marks date (the black girl) are so boring. Some episodes in the middle were also kind of boring. But the start and end was pretty strong. Looking forward to next season
  7. Wtf I did not even know this game had released.
  8. Activated it! Thanks a ton @SpearHea:D
  9. Can someone give me tips for those fire archers? And also in general what to do against groups of enemies. I get f**ked up bad if 2+ are attacking simultaneously I'm in that flashback section. Also do you guys kill every enemy you see? Or do you sneak past
  10. The sound of swords clashing is so f**king satisfying
  11. It's ok to feel uncomfortable because it's not something you're used to seeing. Man on man stuff is almost never shown in media. But we also need to acknowledge that it's an irrational emotional reaction you're having and we shouldn't be telling creators to stop putting that stuff in their art if they want to. If anything, that kind of reaction is an argument in favour of more gay stuff in media so that it becomes normalised and more people are ok with it For us its a just a scene in a tv show that we can fast forward or skip and go about our day. For them, having this ability to love one another without everyone else feeling disgusted - it's one of the most important part of their lives.
  12. dylanjosh

    Hi-Fi Rush

    LOL That Shark is a Katy Perry reference right?
  13. Holy sh*t this is it. This is the episode that will win all of the awards next year. What brilliant performances by Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett. 10/10 some of best tv I've ever seen
  14. Anyone seen Guillermo Del Toros Pinnochio? On one hand i want to watch it because it's a GDT movie. On the other hand, I'm not interested in the story of Pinnochio at all.
  15. Looks like there is no dualsense support on pc. Sad.
  16. dylanjosh

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Played a bit yesterday. Fun time.
  17. dylanjosh

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Y'all have convinced me. Will download this tonight.
  18. Nice. Won't play it ever because memory of original is still fresh in my mind but nice for people who haven't played the original
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