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FIFA22: LaughOrDie League


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2 hours ago, Sanwal said:

Played sar 6-5 and 4-2 

Played Armaan lost 5-1 and won 3-2




2 hours ago, bharat_SS said:


Armaan 1-3 Bharat

Armaan 3-6 Bharat


Well played Armaan. Both games were played almost end to end. Not much happened in the midfield area. Good luck on remaining matches :thumbsup:

Great games both of you! 

Super fun games!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Played Az bhai before i went up north, think about 10 days ago,


Scores were both to Azaan bhai,


Az 3-1 San

Az 3-1 San


Ty for that brother, had a flight to catch next day and he was so accommodating and told me not to miss out on that. Thought i wouldn't come back before the first, but because of the snow blockages, here now. Thanks again @Stevie G:hug:

Only @Sudhirnow :) 

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The tournament is over now. All fixtures got played except one. Thank you to all participants. :thumbsup:

Congratulations to @Ulags for having a nearly perfect run in the league. :majesty:

Thanks to @Sanwal and @Ulags for sponsoring the prizes. :)



Final table update:


League Standings


Results Table




It was the last tourney on PS4, all future tourneys will be on PS5. Hope to see some new players participating as well as the old ones. :)

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