Confirmed: Two Gran Turismo 5 collector’s editions

Atindriya Bose, country manager for Sony Computer Entertainment India, has revealed in his interview with IVG earlier today that Gran Turismo 5 will have two collector’s editions; one that has already been announced by SCEA, and a second more exclusive collector’s edition with a “really big package” and “lots of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game”. He also added that both collector’s editions will be available in India, which is also an indirect confirmation of the collector’s editions releasing in Europe and other PAL territories, since India gets its Sony titles from Europe.

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Traditionally, collector’s editions of PS3 first party titles haven’t been released in India. When asked during the interview, which you can read in full here on IVG very soon, if the Gran Turismo 5 collector’s edition would release here, Bose replied, “Yes. For GT5, there are two collector’s editions. One is the game plus some added content and collectibles, which (has already been announced), while the other is in a really big package with a lot of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game. It’s all car-related, but I’m unaware of the exact contents.”

There have been some rumours of a Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition; could this be it? If it’s anything like the crazy Japanese GT4 limited edition, we can’t wait!

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