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FIFA 13 detailed; new Matchday mode and more

FIFA 13 is all set to include a variety of new features including a revamped Ultimate Team mode among other gameplay changes, EA announced today at Gamescom 2012.

Over 30 million trades were conducted with 380 million games played previously. FIFA 13 will include an overhauled Ultimate Team mode which is set to help out all new players with an in-depth guide and reward old players while delivering a whole new experience

Speaking of gameplay changes, FIFA 13’s producer, David Rutter reiterated the additions of First Touch control and Attacking Intelligence with a mention of a bigger and better EA Sports Football Club. Over 1 billion matches have been played so far in the Head 2 Head Seasons mode, which was only introduced in FIFA 12 for online gameplay. A new 2 vs. 2 mode will also be introduced in Head 2 Head Seasons. Not to mention players will now be able to save their preferred squad line-ups and tactics by default for each game. There will also be League specific tournaments online but details on that were far and few.

The most interesting addition of the day was EA Sports Football Club Matchday. The feature will allow players to further bridge the gap between real life and their video game experience. Matchday pits players into actual football scenarios that occur on real time basis. Moreover, news about real life events will be delivered in-game via commentary. A neat demo was shown depicting the final matchday of Barclays Premier League last season re-enacted in the game. Player statistics will also improve on basis of their actual performances. A Skill Games mode will also be presented that pits players through a series of mini-game challenges to test their skills.

A demo will be out on September 11th which will feature Matchday and new gameplay changes. FIFA 13 is set to release this September for all major console and mobile platforms.

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