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IVG Podcast 42: Pre-E3 2016 games and new consoles speculation

E3 is once again upon is and aside from the speculation around games, there’s also talk of new hardware this time around.


All that and more is discussed on our hour-long pre-E3 2016 edition of the IVG Podcast.

Here’s a list of some of the topics we’ve covered:

  • Rising PC game prices in India
  • Flipkart’s online gaming championship
  • Battlefield 1’s absurd pricing
  • E3, one press conference at a time: Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, and the best of the rest
  • New console revisions: PS4 Neo and Xbox One 2/Scorpion

As always, you can download or stream this week’s podcast here. If you have a different podcast app on your device, throw our feed in there.

You can also check us out on iTunes, and if you like what we’re doing, please leave a rating and review.

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