Resistance 2, MotorStorm PR PS3 bundles for India

Sony is set to introduce two new bundles for its soon-to-be-launched 80 GB PlayStation 3 in India. The first is a MotorStorm Pacific Rift Bundle, while the other includes Resistance 2, nicely covering India’s two most popular gaming genres. Both bundles will be available at Rs 25,990; a sweet deal if you ask us.

Why is this a sweet deal? Before the recent (stock clearance) price drop on the 40 GB PS3, it retailed for Rs 24,990 and came bundled with the first MotorStorm. So considering the fact that you now get 40 GB of extra storage space, a DUALSHOCK 3 controller instead of the vanilla SIXAXIS, a more power-efficient console, and one of two new blockbuster titles, a price of Rs 25,990 seems well worth it.


These bundles will be available in limited supplies starting the third week of January, and from the information we have, the MotorStorm Pacific Rift PS3 bundle will only be available in north and east India, whereas west and south India will get the Resistance 2 bundle. That seems a little strange to us, so we’ll try and get some sort of official confirmation on this.

So it certainly looks like those who’ve waited for the 80 GB PS3 will be rewarded for their patience. And for anyone in the market for a PS3, do not pass on this deal. And remember, the offer is only open till stocks last.


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