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  1. Extended gameplay demo
  2. Thread already exists
  3. Yes, and not just third person view but also fixed camera angles like the first Remake.
  4. Hope this free version eventually improves the sales. However, I feel that the prologue/training missions were weak, so they should have given the Paris level in this version for a better Hitman experience. Anyways, Season 2 is rumored to launch next year and I am really excited about that.
  5. Yup, I am eagerly waiting for the next update regarding Resident Evil 2 Remake. Capcom is also working on an unannounced Resident Evil title.
  6. Alright Agreed, no one buys a new console just for playing older games. But having them in addition to the new ones in the library of available games is really great.
  7. Mikami's Dino Crisis 1 is an excellent game. Dino Crisis 2 by Shu Takumi is another great entry to the series that ended with a cliffhanger ending. Unfortunately, both Mikami and Takumi moved on to different projects after that. Mikami created the best remake ever - 'Resident Evil Remake' and Takumi created the best visual novel detective game - 'Ace Attorney'. And with these key people not involved in the development, we got one of the worst sequels in the history of gaming - 'Dino Crisis 3'. I doubt Capcom will ever revisit the Dino Crisis series again despite the success of first two games. However, if it happens, I hope they either reboot the series or continue from where the second game ended.
  8. .. says the guy who purchased the 'Kingdom Hearts Remix'
  9. I found the surreal nature of this game to be the highlight for me - mystery behind the missing students, suspicious behavior of certain characters and Arcadia Bay responding to Max's time travels.
  10. I wonder how dramatic the story changes will be and how many playthroughs it will take to get the entire story.
  11. Yeah, Mikami previously said that 'The Evil Within' is his last game as a director. He wants younger developers to take the reins now.
  12. Releasing October 17
  13. Game thread already exists :