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  1. Yeah, MTs are good for business. I give you that. Lets enjoy that in-game payments have become a thing for all games now because 'hey, it's good for business'.
  2. It is sad that single player games have to be critically acclaimed like The Witcher 3 to earn money while mediocre multiplayer games get more money. People these days jump on anything having multiplayer mode I guess.
  3. Because EA.
  4. Many people desired to see what Amy Hennig was going to deliver with Star Wars franchise. But now, lets relish the fact that the 'game assets' will be re-used like 'yeah, I was totally looking forward to the game assets not her vision or story'. And EA took the hit because of their own stupid decisions (like spending $60 million on marketing in 2011).
  5. Yes, I have played Soma. It is good.
  6. Witcher 3 cost $32 million to make and $35 million to market in 2015. Wonder what was EA thinking spending $60 million in marketing back in 2011.
  7. We are never gonna get another gem like Silent Hill 2 again, at least not given the way gaming industry works these days.
  8. Then add multiplayer mode with MTs. What is the point in cancelling the hard-worked single player version and shutting down the studio.
  9. So, it is indeed a 'new' game as per EA now due to the new design approach and Amy Hennig is no longer involved. Lets just hope that Respawn's Star Wars game survives. Their Titanfall 2 story campaign is brilliant and hopefully they can deliver a good third person story-oriented Star Wars game
  10. I guess you are thinking of Star Wars 1313 which was being developed by Lucas Arts and got cancelled by Disney. Visceral was developing a new Star Wars game with Amy Hennig as lead. Now, this game will be redesigned by EA Vancouver to incorporate long term player involvement.
  11. Visceral was already working on Project Ragtag - linear story based Star Wars game directed by Amy Hennig. Amy Hennig is Visceral employee. And now, Visceral is closing and the project is moving to EA Vancouver.
  12. And it seems EA didn't liked that the game was shaping up as a story-based, linear adventure game. Perhaps, they couldn't figure out where to put the damn microtransactions and in frustration closed the studio. I wonder if they will retain Amy Hennig or not.
  13. EA is closing Visceral studio.
  14. It might be PC optimization issue. Digital foundry mentioned - "locked 60fps was off the table during our testing - even with an overclocked i7 and the mighty Titan Xp... running at 720p."