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  1. Anybody wants to try the demo but is having problem with Win 10 store. Let me know I have a google drive link for the demo with my ID.
  2. I forgot to mention the game Looks amazing in HDR. Only problem is you have to do it manually, according to rumours this should be fixed in up coming fall creator update. Also HDR is HDR10, is there any chance of DV being implemented in full game. Also Microsoft always f**ks up game downloads on launch day. People experience slows download speeds and downloading getting stuck to redownloading whole again. I remember during gears 4 time my download was nearly complete then it hang and started to download everything again. So 150gb download for no reason. They should provide 10 days pre-load for pre-orders of ultimate and 1 day to standard edition people.
  3. I too was downloading at 4-5MB/s but mine is 50mbps so that's fine. Your download was indeed slow considering 150mbps. Thats weird I really don't have micro stuttering although 30-40% cpu usage can be considered low. Forza Horizon 3 was a steaming pile of poo on launch and they did take ages to fix it. Micro stuttering was one the major issues together with only 1 core being used. Damn I really did get lucky no problems for me at all. Hope the full version is the same.
  4. Yes shadowplay works with no performance hit. Recorded the whole demo and then took the following snapshots from the video.
  5. Super slow download = No Menu lagging = yes Micro stuttering = No Random crashing = No. For me game crashes after pressing enter if MSI afterburner is running. Closing afterburner starting the game and then starting afterburner fixes this. Still this should not happen. Low CPU usage = No Insanely low loading time = No and the game is installed on HDD. Pretty solid for a demo. Launch will be much better for sure.
  6. Dude where did you buy Poppins? I didn't knew they were still selling those.
  7. I dont know if its posted but here it is in 4k
  8. Okay another dumb question. My isp has google peering will a chromecast get me peering speeds apart from youtube on apps like netflix, amazon prime video. I think the answer is no, right? Also which service in india use Akamai cdn, I know psn, netflix and hotstar does.
  9. so no HDR update for PC?
  10. Some games are purposely built to have a certain art style or "cartoonish graphics" to suit the game. What you need to say to people on this forum even though you consider some games "Indie Bhindi", you do understand that some of them are really good games.
  11. Exactly I think 30K is a fair price but having difficulty selling it might consider 28k lets see.
  12. Will not work without a Jio sim. KODI is the best if you have a fast connection. There are so many addons for kodi, you can anything and everything. If you have 20mbps+ connection then kodi is the best there it is.
  13. Sounds good. Gigabyte also have some good b350 boards. Wait I think MD computer is giving a combo deal for Ryzen Cpu. do check that out