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  1. TouchyFever


    Very much needed changes..though it still needs to go a long way.. I am enjoying Div2 too much to get back to it, but hopefully by the time I go back a lot of pending issues should be fixed
  2. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    Yep, already have the turret..will try to unlock the other skills
  3. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    Cool, then will start with Demolitionist Still level 22, getting my a*s handed to me when playing solo.. the enemy AI is really strong in this one..they will not allow you to carefully plan your moves.. constantly rushing at you or flanking you or flushing you out of cover and attacking from every direction.. Also not a big fan of enemies spawning behind you once you clear that area..
  4. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    @Joe Cool I see that you have gone with the demolitionist specialization..how effective is that compared to the other 2? Planning to go for it myself..
  5. TouchyFever


    Apparently the new patch is dropping on 9th between 7-9am CST instead of 12th..3 days earlier..
  6. TouchyFever


    I have about 50 hours or so on PS4 still no legendary drop.. Do'nt see that many master works either..apart from the 3 legendary contracts per day..and 1 or 2 drops here n there in a session of 3 hrs or so.. Also Tyrant mine is missing for me too..not sure how to get it back.
  7. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    Great thanks!!
  8. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    Cheapest place to buy Div 2 online?
  9. TouchyFever


    Much needed changes, glad to know that Bioware is on top of this and providing quick updates..this game has a lot of potential...
  10. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    Me please..
  11. TouchyFever

    The Division 2

    Hey guys if anyone has a spare beta key please share, looking for PS4 version
  12. TouchyFever


    When does the demo go live IST time?
  13. TouchyFever

    What games are you currently playing?

    Warframe on PS4, man this game is amazing..gets it right on so many fronts..can't wait for the Fortuna update on consoles
  14. TouchyFever

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Best place to get US PSN codes cheap? Also how is DigitalCodes.in ? Any one purchased from them?
  15. TouchyFever

    Destiny 2

    So D2 is supposedly free on PC till 18th Nov, but I do not see the free option when I login to battle.net account..