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  1. The Cricket Thread

    Also our low order is very weak, none of our bowler is capable of hitting out a few boundaries. Guess, we need to draft in pandya and keep him, he is a good addition in ODI. I would also not shy away playing krunal instead of chahal or yadav. Dhobi shoukd retire himself, such hypocrite, during his time he wanted all seniors out, ab khud ka number aaya to hil nahin raha.
  2. The Apple Thread

    They have an esim which needs to be programmed, until ofcourse its a software, and not a small chip embedded. My guess is it won't come to iPhone X
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Much appericated, rather then playing 20 balls for 3 runs.
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Well then stick to horses for courses, make him a limited over player just like sharma saab. I hope he does not fizzle out today and then flops in next few matches.
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

    Looks like a DC movie, very mediocre.
  6. The Cricket Thread

    for HK match they should rest bumrah and give the new lad a go.
  7. The Cricket Thread

    True that, but pandya is not a bad choice for ODI, rayudu deserves a chance I guess, yes pant would Hve been ideal, but the stage is all his after 8 months. I would rather play it like this.. Sharma Rahul Rayudu Pandey Dhoni Kedhar Pandya Kuldeep Bhuvneshwar Bumrah Chahal Once kohli returns they can remove pandey and push rayudu one down. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  8. The Cricket Thread

    And WC is just 8 months away, we also have just 24 games before the WC. Hopefully we can get the combination right by then.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Wat has become of them.. But Afghanistan is making good strides, bd vs afg will be more competitive.
  10. The Cricket Thread

    +1, nehraji is amazing, jadeja is very good too, kaif is learning. Wat a mixup from lanks, seems like they will lose.
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    Aamir was in dhoom 3 too Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

  13. The Cricket Thread

    Giving some advantage to Pakistan.
  14. The Cricket Thread

    it's both way, SL as a team has gone down while BD as a team has risen.