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  1. FIFA 18 Gathering

    Played a few games with Avi the other day. After God knows how long played friendlies with fellow IVGian. Good games Avi
  2. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Final update League Standings Results This is the end of the league. Congratulations to Vikrant Will talk with Sanwal bhai about your prize for winning the league. Thank you to all those participants, who took this tourney seriously.
  3. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    This is the last weekend of the tourney, all players are advised to be available and play their remaining games.
  4. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Anyone now?
  5. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Online now.
  6. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    League Standings Results
  7. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Anybody wanna play now?
  8. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    League Standings Results Guys, Sanwal bhai hadn't been around because his cousin passed away. He will soon start playing his games.
  9. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    League Standings Results
  10. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Azaan will soon start playing, he has some medical emergency at home, but he will be back like a boss.
  11. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    League Standings Results Ajay, Rahul, Sanwal, Sunny and Yash... y'all have played very few games til now. Please be more active and don't keep too many games for the last few days of the tourney. Thanks EDIT: Played Sunny, won both games 4-1 3-0
  12. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    League Standings Results I'll be online in 15 minutes.
  13. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    League Standings Results It's a pity that you have had to quit because of this stupid error. Yes, you can join, but only if you promise that you will play all your games. You will have to make an extra effort to complete all fixtures, due to your lateral entry.
  14. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Go ahead, but please make sure you play all your games. And good luck.
  15. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    Played with Mithun Drew 1-1 Lost 2-1 I'm online now, anybody wanna play?