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    Stuff I brought home this week (Will follow up with another post in a couple of days of all the other stuff I bought couple of months back ) Finally got my very own copy of TLG collectors edition (US variant) with Steelbook TLG Indian edition which I bought few months back XOne Doom collectors + PS4 Doom UAC pack Recore collectors edition + standard copy KOF Steelbook Launch edition Corpse Party 3ds back to school edition Valkyria revolution Vanargand edition (name sounds funny in Hindi) Few Classic xbox exclusives Rare Replay Couple of things from earlier months: Finally got a PS4 in Feb And 2 copies of coveted Nathan Drake collection special edition from Aus
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    Bought a slice of noise cancelling heaven.
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    I can't believe I am saying this but boy this game deserves to be played just for its Audio. The game demands a good headphone and the auditory experience is unlike anything I have ever had. The binaural audio tech being used creates this chilling and creepy effect where there are voices everywhere in your head - left, right, front, back - EVERYWHERE!!! The fabulous voice acting just adds to the experience. There are probably 5-6 entities, that constantly speaks, some being sympathetic, some fearful, some sarcastic and they constantly comment on what you do during the gameplay. This is heightened to the effect that it will make you constantly doubt if what you are doing or where you are going is right or wrong. After about 4 hrs of play, i think I am still hearing voices. Just to add - the Norse mythology/lore with its gritty setting is simply superb. I think I will probably dig this more than the OTT Norse setting of the upcoming GoW.
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    Hi everyone! I searched around but couldn't find a thread on here dedicated to posting pics of your gaming collection. So I decided to start one Before we begin, I want to set some expectations for the content of this thread: 1) This thread is CERTAINLY NOT about trying to prove whose collection is better or whose collection is bigger. Please don't make comments that will lead to such types of discussion. I have seen another thread get locked because people started fighting. 2) This thread IS NOT about leaving negative comments for others' collections. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything! 3) This thread IS NOT a selling thread. 4) This thread IS about sharing your collection and appreciating fellow IVG members' passion for games. Don't be afraid to post your collection no matter its size! 5) This thread IS about showing your physical games only, not digital. Please understand that I am not discriminating. The point is to show something tangible, that is, something that you can hold and share. I too have a bunch of games in my Steam library but I will not be showing those here. 6) This thread IS about original games only. No pics of pirated CDs and cartridges please! Now with that out of the way, let us begin! I will start by posting pics of all my Nintendo games. I have only played Nintendo since childhood. Partly because I found their games very appealing and partly because all my friends had only Nintendo consoles. I think one guy had a Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis but I never found those interesting. Before I had any game console, I remember playing on my friend's Super Nintendo (SNES) and being wowed by the graphics at the time. I looked forward to going to their house to play some games When the Nintendo 64 came out, two of my friends got it and it was the most amazing game console I had ever seen. The shape was futuristic and the controller had so many buttons! Mario had transitioned to 3D. Everyone was losing their minds over Zelda Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. I just had to have it. My parents got me my own Nintendo 64 as a surprise gift for my 11th birthday and it was the best day of my life! I still have it to this day, box and all. Now when I think back, that day must have been the day that I was bitten by the "Collector Bug". Any normal kid would have torn open the box and thrown it in the trash after taking out the console. But not me. I remember carefully opening it and then storing the box in my closet. Even when we moved back to India 2 years later I made sure my mom packed it securely so it wouldn't get damaged in transit. I picked up a Game Boy Color in 2001 just after the Game Boy Advance came out. Then there was a long gap till 2008 before I got another console, the Nintendo Wii. I got it 2 days before starting my first job and it was the last console sponsored by my parents Once I started getting my salary I was free to buy whatever I wanted and decided to buy all the Nintendo consoles ever made! Since then I've been slowly building my collection over the years and now it is at a point where I've run out of space for storing everything. I'm very thankful that my wife is cooperating with me and hasn't just thrown everything in the trash Now let's move on to the pics!! This is the first time I am publicly posting my collection and I am very proud to do so on our very own IVg! Nintendo Entertainment System (NES): This thing single-handedly saved the video game industry after the crash in 1983. We owe all the games that we love today to this humble console. It popularised games again and put them in every family's living room. More pics: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES): The follow up console to the wildly popular NES. This is a loose console but I'm actively looking for a boxed one in good condition. The Super Game Boy allows us to play Game Boy games on the SNES. Nintendo 64: My favorite console of all time! Though that is being seriously challenged by the Wii U. This console is a sizeable chunk of my collection. More pics: Virtual Boy: Nintendo's first failed console. Headache-inducingly cool. Nintendo GameCube: I actually never found this console very interesting. I got it recently to complete the collection. It has a Game Boy Player attached that allows one to play Game Boy games on the TV. More pics: Wii: Nintendo's massively successful foray into the casual gaming market through the innovative use of motion controls. More pics: Wii U: Bad marketing and bad naming led to people calling it the "Pee yew". But I still love it. More pics: I'm not planning on buying a Nintendo Switch just yet. Maybe I'll pick it up towards the end of the year. Now moving on to the handhelds! Nintendo Game Boy line: I have the original Game Boy with the green screen and the Game Boy Pocket but those are in need of a bit of repair. I will post those pics later in the future. Game Boy Color Assorted colors Game Boy games Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Game Boy Micro Nintendo DS line: More pics: Nintendo 3DS line: The limited edition Zelda Majora's Mask 3DS XL is very rare. More pics: My collection of various Nintendo gold consoles. I still need to find a few more like gold GameCube that was available only in Japan. And finally some cool stuff that I got from Club Nintendo before it shut down: Some of these consoles have started to give minor issues recently because of their age. But a quick service restored them back to new working condition. I posted my experience repairing them here: http://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52696-nintendo-games-and-consoles-repair/ Looking forward to seeing other peoples' gaming collections be it Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, or any other!
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    I think I had like 15 frames spare in my game. You can have them if you like.
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    I don't have one with a custom firmware. No piracy
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    A few screens I took. Game's awesome btw.
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    Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran is getting her own limited edition hardware next month. Nintendo announced today it will release the Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL on Sept. 15, the same day Metroid: Samus Returns hits stores. The Samus-inspired New Nintendo 3DS XL will cost $199.99. The package does not include a copy of Metroid: Samus Returns, which sells separately for $39.99.
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    In other news rooney scores https://www.clippituser.tv/c/ayqbvd
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    http://www.steamcarddelivery.com/nintendo-eshop-cards Try Entropay To be honest I stopped buying 3DS games in a flashcard era
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