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  1. I thought the music was just a case of an ill-suited licensed song being chosen for the trailer, but looks like it's an original song composed for the game Hope it isn't indicative of the rest of the music in the game. Anyway, this is apparently being developed by the studio that made Rayman Origins and Legends, both of which were fantastic! So I'm still hopeful that this is going to turn out well
  2. That's not the Prince apparently. The game looks cool to me though. And I'm just glad the franchise is coming back in some form.
  3. What part of it suggests that it's possible only on the PS5's SSD though? Not counting the marketing spiel from the blogpost.
  4. I doubt Spidey's going to be gliding at mach speed in that game, man.
  5. I mean we did have fast gliding in the Just Cause games too :/
  6. Yeah, I really liked BotW, but I didn't adore it as much as many other folks did. TotK feels like it's on a whole different level. IGN was right in their review when they said that TotK makes BotW feel like the first draft of this formula.
  7. No game is flawless. And I'm sure Elden Ring too has reviews where they don't go into its issues at all. It's probably because the reviewers felt the minor flaws these games have are negligible in the grand scheme of things. That's why we have so many different reviews to check and base our opinions on. It's pointless fixating on any particular one. Not sure which issues you're referring to here. But let me tell you, this is a game that most game developers in 2023 can't even dream of making.
  8. I think it's because many of us are so used to games holding our hands and dictating how we have fun that we have forgotten how to have fun on our own. The kind of player freedom that these games offer can take a while to get used to. They give you a set of amazing tools and systems and let you loose in their sandbox. The sense of discovery and exploration that comes with it is incredible. It took a while for the gameplay loop to click for me as well. But once it did, it set a whole new benchmark for what open-world games need to be. This and Elden Ring really put most western developed open-world games to shame. All that said, TotK is much denser and a lot more fun than BotW. Would suggest giving it a fair shot over BotW. It really deserves all the high praise, man. It's an incredible f**king game!
  9. Congrats man! A very satisfying platinum to get! It was my GOTY too until last week. It's been dethroned by Zelda now
  10. +1 to this. This was a really fun movie. Though the 2013 remake was gorier and had better kills, this one has better characters and acting. The fact that kids are involved in this makes it even more intense. And yeah, none of the violence was cut.
  11. Haven't taken many, and I'm not really happy with the ones that I have taken. The photo mode isn't very good in this :/ But then again, I'm kinda tempted now to do another playthrough just for screenshots I think you mean the Chicken Hat. You get the Cat Ears after completing the Pro S+ run Just in case you didn't know, you can tell which chapters you're missing the doll on by looking at the results screen for each chapter. The ones where you've got the doll will have a small round icon on them.
  12. Thanks, man! It isn't too tough TBH. Just requires time commitment
  13. Got all the achievements! Such a fantastic f**king game! I don't even remember the last time I replayed a game back-to-back, let alone do it 5 times in a row (like I did for this). Anyway, here are all my playthroughs in order (no spoilers):
  14. Yeah, that's what I meant by soundtrack The ambience volume isn't as low as what crowbcat showed in his video. There are places in the remake where there is indeed more of an eerie silence, but that's an artistic choice and works well in the game.
  15. The OG audio is just the soundtrack if I'm not wrong.
  16. The audio for the remake has been purposely dialled down in that video to make it look bad.
  17. As long as they find a better actress than Emma Watson (which shouldn't be too tough), that should be okay.
  18. I'm excited for this. Wasn't a fan of the movies (most of them at least). I feel like the TV show format is the right choice for this series.
  19. I'm opting for a Standard S+ and a Hardcore S+ to get all the achievements. Will probably do a relaxed Professional run later on without having to worry about achievements.
  20. Yeah, that upgrade ticket will definitely make things easier. I'm tempted to get it too, but trying to hold off
  21. Would suggest unlocking Ashley's armor (which makes her invincible and unable to be carried away) and Leon's chicken hat (which reduces damage taken) prior to that. But if you're confident and you know what you're getting into, then go for it
  22. Why NG though? Are you aiming for S+ or doing it just for fun? Yeah, I did the no-heal, no-merchant, knife and handgun-only run on Assisted and it was the toughest playthrough for me so far. And to think, I was actually feeling like I was John Wick initially Saddler especially was a bitch to take down with less than half my health remaining at that point. I probably should've been more mindful about my health early on though and not underestimated the difficulty. No tricks as such other than remembering enemy positions and taking them down before they shoot you :/ I did it on Hardcore, but I reckon it would be much easier to do on Assisted.
  23. I'm personally finding the game to be very replayable. Three playthroughs done and I'm already looking forward to a fourth one The different item and weapon unlocks (along with the achievements, of course) are really good incentives. Even planning what kind of playthrough to do next has been fun.
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