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  1. I guess some things are just better left unknown
  2. Official 7th anniversary wallpaper:
  3. Looking good. Watch it before it gets taken down.
  4. Ah, this is definitely not the game then.
  5. Actually I thought you were comparing Dishonored 2 with Elden Ring, but I got you now.
  6. Had a similar feeling until I started playing Nioh 2, which is absolutely fantastic! The combat is much better than most FS Souls games. The only areas where it falters in comparison is world-building and world design. Try giving it a shot. It's very fun and addictive. Not really fair to compare the combat of a primarily stealth game to that of an action RPG.
  7. No particular feed as such. I guess I kinda just keep up with film news from Rotten Tomatoes and subreddits like r/A24, r/movies, and r/horror. Everything Everywhere All at Once has been getting great word of mouth for a while now. You can also find a lot of good obscure stuff on RT by looking for the best movies in a specific year in the genre of your liking. I just pick whatever piques my interest from there
  8. Finally watched Everything Everywhere All At Once and absolutely loved how unapologetically weird and wacky it was. This thing goes all in on the multiverse concept and is unlike almost anything I've ever seen. Heck, if there's one movie that deserves the title of "Multiverse of Madness", it is this. And with all the electric energy that is zapping through its veins, it still manages to tell a heartfelt story with relatable and well-acted characters (it does get a bit corny at times but I didn't mind it too much). On the flipside, this movie is a tad overlong and can be such a sensory overload that it can probably give you a headache if you watch it after a long day at work. Something to keep in mind. But yeah, do yourselves a favour and still watch it because we rarely get something that is this original, this stylish, and this confident in being its own thing.
  9. Yeah, but Shane Black's was even better and he made The Predator. So I'm being cautiously optimistic this time. The premise sounds really cool though. -------- Everything Everywhere All at Once is now available you know where. Finally time to see what all the hoopla is about.
  10. I hope to God this turns out to be good.
  11. Released just recently in the US, but it seems to have been available on the high seas from quite a few months ago. Check PM.
  12. Watched this really good Norwegian movie the other night called The Innocents. It's about a bunch of little kids discovering that they have superpowers. Of course, one of them turns out to be an evil little sh*t who starts using his powers to hurt people. Even though the movie involves kids, it actually gets kinda disturbing with depictions of some pretty realistic violence and horror elements without ever going over the top. It's really well directed too, albeit very leisurely paced which can turn off some people (I personally liked it). Ohh and the kids' performances are f**king brilliant! The whole time I was watching the movie I was wondering how they got such young kids to act so damn well. Would definitely recommend checking it out if you don't mind slow-burn movies.
  13. I don't think there is any other option for us.
  14. True. But we were talking about a couple of scenes in particular which directly reference a scene from Evil Dead 2. Also 96% on RT with an 8.5 avg. rating! Looks like we have a winner on our hands. Been out since yesterday. Watched it last night. Such a fascinating depiction of Nordic culture and mythology with absolute top-tier cinematography and music. Definitely watch this with the volume turned way up because the soundtrack is a banger and adds a lot to the atmosphere. Skarsgard pretty much takes the centre stage and has played the role of a rage-fueled viking hell-bent on taking revenge to perfection. Seriously, the guy looks absolutely feral in some scenes! The only minor gripe I have is that after a very strong first hour, the plot meanders a bit and the pacing suffers. But it's so well shot and directed that I was still transfixed. I think the film was majorly shot on location in Iceland and it looks f**king breathtaking! Can't imagine what it would've been like watching it on the big screen when even just watching it at home had such a transportive effect on me.
  15. And just like that the second half of this year is looking hella dry as far as AAA releases go. What exactly is coming out apart from Ragnarok?
  16. And kinda surprising too considering pretty much everyone here has at least heard of Evil Dead. I remember back when I was a kid there was a rumour going around that Evil Dead's director watched it alone in a theater and died of a heart attack because of how scary the movie was I guess not many have actually seen the movie.
  17. I don't think many people know that it's an Evil Dead reference.
  18. STICK3Rboy

    Elden Ring

    The serpent hunter's flashy moves only work against Rykard. That's the "gimmick".
  19. The graphics and atmosphere are great, but otherwise it looks just about okay. The zelda glider looks really goofy here, and Red Hood's combat seems quite clunky. Will wait and see how it turns out by release day.
  20. Watched DS2. Not a particularly great movie, but a really fun ride nonetheless. The movie is at its most enjoyable when Raimi's having fun with its horror elements. I absolutely loved the part where Strange I actually now find myself craving for a long overdue re-watch of the Evil Dead trilogy. Also, have to really appreciate the MCU here for building such a rich film & TV universe. Even though many of their movies are cookie-cutter, they've still managed to cram together sh*t like witchcraft, sorcery, mysticism, aliens, gods, super-soldiers, spies, robots, time-travelling, multiverse, and what have you while still maintaining coherence. Definitely not an easy task.
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