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    Received this yesterday, bought it from US, delivered by a relative Optoma GT1080Darbee It is quite compact, here with PS4 Slim, now I have a portable gaming setup, I can take them with me to office and play there. Sample Image - I have kept it around 1.5 metres or 5 feet away from the wall and I am getting upto 135" image diagonally. as listed on Amazon - https://www.amazon.in/OPTOMA-TECHNOLOGY-GT1080Darbee-Projector-DarbeeVision/dp/B06XHG92Y5/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506584086&sr=1-2&keywords=optoma+gt1080
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    Packed this beauty just now
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    Liam Neeson Says He’s ‘Unretired’ From Action Movies at the ‘Mark Felt’ Premiere That was a brief retirement. __
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    I'm sure each one of us has been lowballed at least once when selling something, either within IVG or outside. It's a frustrating experience and can evoke violent thoughts This thread is to talk about your experience and vent your frustration. It's not about calling out the person, but only to share what you listed and what kind of offer you got. The mods can decide whether to create a "Lowballers List", similar to the unethical members list and black list. I'm also hoping this thread has the side effect of stopping lowballers, because if multiple people talk about their experiences the lowballers can eventually be pinpointed indirectly from the patterns of their offers and their replies. If you talk about an incident that happened on IVG please specify that in your post. I'll go first. So I get lowballed A LOT on OLX and Quikr. Not yet on IVG so I guess the crowd is decent here At first I used to be furious but now I've got used to it and, believe it or not, even found a way to deal with it positively! I've started giving funny one-liners that shuts up the other person real quick. Example 1: Listed a complete in box Gameboy Advance SP for Rs. 5000 with a bunch of games Lowballer: Hi, I can pay 1000 Me: Ok. And who will pay the remaining amount? Lowballer: Haha Example 2: Listed an almost new Wii U for Rs. 22000 Lowballer: 6000 Me: Ok Lowballer: So you will sell it for 6000? Me: Yes Lowballer: Great! Can you reduce the price in the ad to 6000 on Quikr? I will buy it right now Me: Sure. I will reduce the price in your dreams Lowballer: ............ This is actually fun. I'm starting to look forward to lowball offers! Now it's your turn to share!
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    Don't worry. You won't be.
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    tr00 tr00 but trailer was...ummmm....i can't say, ain't hyped about it the way i was for RDR, in no ways i am saying that i ain't looking forwards for RDR2, but the trailer was weak tr00 tr00 but, i think both the games would do well irrespective of launch dates
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    Not on the shot but just the line and length it can be played..He gets way too close to the ball to cut..
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    Get MI Max 2 in the mi Diwali sale happening now..
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    OK, so I'm 50% through the game and loving every bit of it. Been playing it for this whole week non-stop. I like that it doesn't require a heavy grinding but allows progression naturally throughout the course of the game. Leveling up is rather simple and easy. You can fast travel & quick save at any point, even during a mission in progress, which is really good. I love how this game has a balanced difficulty even after getting most of the elite weapons. I have most of the shadow weapons & full set of Lodge weapons. These are slapped with a decent set of purple mods. However, I still face quite a lot of challenge taking down a Stormbird or even a Thunderjaw. I may need to refine my strategy/gear set-up, but I like how it's not completely easy at this point. I went through the whole set of Cauldron areas last night and boy were the brilliant. The whole level design was so atmospheric. Now I can over-ride all the machines. Speaking of beasts, this game deserves a true hats off to the creativity of the machines it has created. The enemy variety is spectacular. All this while I just keep thinking how glorious it would look and run on the PC @60fps. The way these beasts are designed and their weakness placed are remarkable. Quick question for those who have completed the game, how did you farm the purple mods? Specifically, the damage & fire ones. Also, I'm running out of shards rather quickly.
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    I guess sometime back pirate bay was heaven for someone called zodka.. However my reference was to show how being a loyal customer is screwed these days... Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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    How dare you. I'm gonna report u now.
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    Awesome purchase,man! That scene from Homecoming looks great on it.
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    What a match. Morata is a superstar. And Bats, holy sh*t what a supersub. The final sequence was awesome. Chelsea dominated ATM at their home, goddamn.
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    Whenever someone quotes me and I open the notification via Tapatalk I am taken to the first page of that thread instead of the post. Any fix?
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    the suspense is killing me. What did his wife try, what is it what did they buy? damnt it
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    It was legit and working at the time I posted. I'm not sure if it is still active.
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    Me : posted PS3 250gb for 11k with 2 controllers and 10 games, 2 years back. LB : 6k Me : Sure. Where can I get one? LB : no I'm asking about your posting. Me : Ah. LB : you get new one with warranty for 17k Me : thats damn good bro. You should get it. LB : last offer 6.5k dude. Me : so you're not getting the 17k one? Why not? LB : dude I'm not a gamer at all. Don't want to spend so much. Just want it for TP sometimes. Me : ok how about this. 8k with no games, no controller and I'll keep the 250gb harddrive. LB : what's the point then? Me : same as this conversation. Scenario 2 Me : posted at local store. For sale - 24" Full HD, Haier TV for 6k. Call on (mobile number) LB : How old is the TV. Me : little lesser than 1 year old LB : and it's full HD? Actually I wanted to use it as a second TV. Me : yeah I used it for a couple of months before moving but I have no requirement. It would be good for a second TV. LB : I can pay 2.5k Me : hahaha LB : what's your last price. Me : what it said on the poster bro. LB : I'm sure you can be flexible. Me : sure I do yoga bro. Once a month. LB : can you let it go for 4k Me : no. LB : I can go upto 4.6k Me : look man this TV has been used for a total of a month and a half. The rest of the time it's been in the original box and packing. I got it for 13k and I was looking at reducing clutter. So 6k take it or leave it. LB : 5k without remote? Me : ok 3k without panel. LB : GH**d me daal. Me : hahaha
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    Listed my super slim ps3 500 Gb with 3 games and 2 controllers for 10k. Lowballer : 4000 Me : Not happening Lowballer : I already have ps4. Want ps3 for younger brother. Me : OK. Get ps2 for him. You clearly don't care about him. Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
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