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  1. There are other books in the series if I remember correctly. The other albums can be utilised for the sequels, if they ever made some.
  2. Looks good. The show runner from season 1-4 is helming this, so expectations are high. Time to bring out good old blood slides.
  3. Hope for the best bro, if vaccination drives go smoother and enough people get their jabs, then a visit to theatre is possible. Hopefully, it will be released theatrically at least in the major cities of India.
  4. The making of Loki on Disney+ is much better than the actual show. It’s funny, emotional and has a sense of accomplishment.
  5. I know that...but Wandavision was still a complete story in itself where something ended and some things were setup for future films/movies, same with CA&WS but Loki left everything open, everything. It felt rushed and incomplete, similar cliffhanger could have been delivered in a much better way.
  6. Loki ending was such a letdown and what’s up with these abrupt endings? Same thing happened in Black Widow. I know a good cliffhanger when I see one but this was not it.
  7. I purchased from Flipkart at 17999 back in May, so you can wait and keep an eye on the prices on regular intervals.
  8. Can’t say which one is worse, but both of them are pointless movies. Rachel Weisz is ❤️, I hope she returns in later projects.
  9. They took bits and parts from both short story collections in the first season, this time writers say that they are following up on the stories from Season 1 so it could be anything.
  10. Looks better than Season 1 already
  11. Black Widow- pretty average, forgettable and an unnecessary movie. They just made it for the sake of giving her a standalone flick. Red Guardian did nothing at all, he was just a waste of runtime. I liked Melina though-have had a crush on Rachel Weisz since The Mummy and she still is beautiful after all these years. Taskmaster’s identity was a surprise because I had lost interest in the story after Budapest sequence. He was supposed be sent out on highest priority missions but was present almost everywhere.
  12. That is what I expect from a solo Marvel movie, all following the same formula. If the action sequences are good, then it is good enough for me.
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