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  1. Saw Jersey - Hindi version on Netflix. The story tries to be inspiring but the plot doesn’t make any sense. The lack of communication was the real villain of the movie. If only the hero had some genuine conversations with his family and coach, all his problems would have been solved, but no, he had to be angry all the time and do stupid things to prove his greatness. The end reveal felt hollow because of how the scene was setup. Direction could have been better.
  2. Saw Sonic 2 and Chip N Dale back to back today. Both movies are good, but respect to whoever came up with that storyline for Ugly Sonic, that bit was genius.
  3. I heard the same thing about some other horror movies too like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project and some hindi movies - RGV' Bhoot etc. Seems to be a pretty common rumour for such movies
  4. It will be released as video on demand most probably on Prime Video and Apple TV. See all the available options here:- https://www.focusfeatures.com/the-northman/watch/
  5. It will be available on streaming from tomorrow and is already out on the high seas in Full HD.
  6. I still think it was relevant as it gave...
  7. Side mission of vehicle takedown looks and plays like Spider-Man’s side missions which themselves were inspired from Arkham series.
  8. Multiverse of Madness - A pure Raimi flick with all the signature elements, loved all the references and casting of returning and new characters. BGM was Fire especially in that scene. Story was a bit off and not coherent but it could be because of the deleted footage. We do want Raimi Cut. PS - Do wait for the second post credit scene, it’s the most important one yet.
  9. With how things have wrapped up in the finale, Moon Knight will definitely return. That blackout in the climatic fight was unexpected and the post credit scene was awesome way to tease the upcoming things.
  10. Widely available on YouTube, it is very intuitive, so won't be difficult to learn. They have iOS app and desktop versions too.
  11. Personal opinion - it's better and easier than Lightroom, faster too.
  12. Hope this clears up some of the things for you.
  13. Yes, let's wait for it (wave or else) to pass, then we can schedule the meet. I have got some new cases in my neighbourhood too, so have to put all my plans on hold. But, as soon as situation goes back to tolerable, meet on any weekend will be fine.
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