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    Definitely a scam, not only for personal data acquisition but also to loot you. I've read similar cases of extremely low priced electronics goods being listed and then canceled. However since the seller has your details he calls you up in a few days and says although the order is cancelled now from Amazon, I have already shipped the hard disk. Please pay cash on delivery to the delivery boy while accepting the parcel. Then when the delivered parcel is opened it usually contains stones or random useless stuff. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Rohit Sharma haters like me are gamgeen today, this victory is like sweet poison, can't accept it. 🙁
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    Finished it last night and man I'm blown away by the quality. Happy to report it looks and runs way better than Yakuza 6 on the base PS4. Gone is the screen-tearing and the fuzzy low resolution look. The world now feels so crisp and the frame rate is stable. As for the game itself, well, It kicked off from Chapter 2 in Sotenbori city. All too familiar for me as the map and the layout remains exactly the same from Yakuza 0. The controls remain the same, so it was easy to work with. Most of the game mechanics are almost intact, so people who have played the current generation remaster/remakes would be right at home. I only managed to try 1-2 side quests, which were basic. Hit the Karaoke bar and sang to some sh*tty tune (hope there are better tracks). Hit Gandhara and paid to watch 2 "recreational" videos, which turned out to be audio only and the camera just shows Kiryu's reaction to the video. BOO! Where are my Jap AV babes? Anyhoo, didn't explore much and headed right off to the main mission and it was pretty much filled with cut-scenes with barely any gameplay. I guess they just wanted to give a really small sneak preview. But I'm impressed by the quality. This engine has a lot of potential. I'll hold of on all purchases for these games on the console, now that we have a legitimate PC releases lined up.
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    As a big Nintendo fan, Gamecube is one of my all time favorite systems. It brought me back to gaming after a bit of a break. I still remember the day I fired Melee into the system. It was such a glorious sight, after not having played games for a few years. Here's my little collection, been collecting for it since 2004. There are still some games I want for it like From Software's Lost Kingdoms 1 & 2. Which is criminally underrated, and I also need to replace my copies of Melee and Mario Kart. They don't work anymore
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    Updated collection Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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